Human Torch and Venom Confirmed for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

By Spencer Perry

The initial announcement of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes and its huge roster has left many fans crying out for their favorite characters to get a bite at the apple and with a cast that is said to include 100 characters there's hope for plenty of the B-listers. Joystiq is now reporting that TT Games Producer Phil Ring announced at MCM Comic Con that Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch and Venom will be playable characters in the game. Who else do you want to see added to the roster?

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Myst2505d ago

I better be able to play as Mystique!

Knightofelemia2505d ago

Hopefully there is an underwater level for Namor or a space level with the Silver Surfer. I also wouldn't mind seeing DarkHawk in the game.

MWH2504d ago

I heard Chris Evans will voice AND mocap the Human Torch.

hazelamy2504d ago

Captain Marvel.
previously know as Ms Marvel.

she's the character i'd love to see in the game.

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