Xbox One: The Future of Gaming, Death of a Console Maker, or Destroyer of an Industry

BigBoxGaming- "You have to give Microsoft credit on one thing, their new console has definitely gotten a big response from the gaming community. Probably not in the way they expected, but a response nonetheless.

Now, as Microsoft tries to hash out all the details on how they reach their goal of TV domination, I thought it would be worth while to look at what the console will eventually become once all is said and done.

One view is that the Xbox One is an always on security risk, that is evolving gaming consoles in all the wrong ways, and which if adopted by other companies will eventually morph our hobby into something horrible or destroy it outright. (View 1)

Another point of view is that, we know the system will be good at games so everything they add is just icing on the cake. The more extra features the better. (View 2)

And lastly, the direction Microsoft is taking with the Xbox One is a mistake and this concept will result in lost customers and missed opportuni...

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caleb47792510d ago

If Microsoft keeps with their current direction the Xbox One will be known more for what it wasn't rather than what it was. IMO

caleb47792510d ago

Not for hardcore gamers.

But the casuals will eat it up.

happyguy2712510d ago

^^^ Funny thing is that in no way will this effect the gaming experience I plan on having with my PS4 this xmas.

It will actually be kind of nice having a clearer difference between each console, let everyone do what they are good at and we can enjoy them for what they are.

If I want to play some Mario with my kids I'm going WiiU.

If I want some party games with non-gaming friends or family I'm looking at you Kinect and Xbox One.

For the best exclusives and multiplatform experiences "core gaming" it's the PS4. (Since I don't plan on buying all three it will probably end up being a PS4/WiiU combo)

gabescow2510d ago

Feel like we are kicking a dead horse at this point, but if everything stays the same as it is now there is no way Sony won't have the better "gaming console" next gen.

glennhkboy2509d ago

But there still many uncertainty on PS4. Anyway, it seems my day as Xbox fanboy is over.

Thepharaoh2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

Eh at this point the One is pretty much a horse that broke it's legs before it ever go tot the races

happyguy2712510d ago

But you know Microsoft is going to run this puppy ragged either way.

caleb47792509d ago

Wrong horse for the wrong race.

The whole problem has been the Xbox One is only being shown as a media device which, surprise surprise, gamers aren't that excited for.

You can't say enough how bad a PR move that reveal was. Start with the games then bring in your extra features later.

The depressing thing is they probably did lead with what was most important and we are just reluctant to see that games have taken a back seat to Microsoft's bigger agenda.

DivineAssault 2509d ago

Death of their video game department.. They can go back to what they were doing b4 entering gaming territory

SpitFireAce852509d ago

Wow all these negative articles about Xbox one I bet microsoft never even dreamed of All this negative publicity.But I guess come e3 things should get cleard up.

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The story is too old to be commented.