Metal Gear Solid V story theme to be revealed in the next trailer?

Hideo Kojima is hard at work on a tight schedule preparing for E3 next month. He's currently editing a trailer for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

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Batzi2500d ago

Deception is the theme.

Nyxus2500d ago

I have a feeling it might be 'War'.

Nitrowolf22500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

War...has changed

ado9082500d ago

Because war... Never changes... oops wait that's fallout.. let me try this again.. Solid....Snake..buttocks

SolidStoner2500d ago

war.... war has changed, the technology has felt upon us........

anyway, Im happy to see MGS5 (hope it will be more mature, without those strange/weird boss type of dudes, bees and other types of psychos:)), I remember when I got MGS4 for my ps3, it was unique and like nothing else, above everything else by a huge leap in terms of quality!

2500d ago
a_bro2500d ago

if anything, its about the beginning of the feud between Big Boss and Zero

Nyxus2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

True, and I also feel we might get to see Big Boss's darker side. He is forced into a corner by this war, and has to take extreme measures. It was already beginning to show at the end of Peace Walker, and what happens in MGSV (Mother Base being reduced to ashes) may contribute as well.


I think Nyxus you are one of the biggest MGS fans and you surely know there isn't any bad or evil character in the entire series(except maybe Volgin), everyone has his reasosn and points of view to achieve benefits (just like in Naruto, many thought to be bad guys were revealed to be not, like Nagato, Itachi Uchiha and even Danzo or maybe even Madara Uchiha, they just took extereme measures to achieve sth they saw it may be good).

BTW my friend invite that I sent you is still pending.

xBigxBossx2500d ago

Plastica man. That is the highest praise one can give another dog of war. Feel honored Nyxus.

xBigxBossx2500d ago

Hearing him give the speech at the end of peace walker was bone chilling. The transformation is commencing.

Prcko2500d ago

Konami’s pre-E3 show is gonna be awesome

Mr_Nuts2500d ago

Can't wait for this, although I hope after MGSV they will stop with prequels, theres only so much you can do with Big Boss. I hope David Hayter will be in this in the end, he has to be, if the Japanese voice actor is saying then it contradicts what Kojima was saying about changing things up.

I really want to see more Solid Snake but after MGS4 I doubt thats going to happen. Unless they do an alternative timeline after MGS1. Maybe a MGS2 without Raiden, like he died as a child soldier, meaning things would play out differently in MGS2, Ocelot could die and Solidus could be the one to get away. Hell they could find away in this timeline to stop the ageing process for Snake.

Nyxus2500d ago

I think the only way to make more games with Solid Snake (that fit into the current timeline) is to make prequels. They have several options, all of which seem appealing to me:
- A remake of the first two (MSX) games, infiltrating Outer Heaven and Zanzibar Land
- Solid Snake as a green beret soldier in Iraq (Liquid is there too)
- Philanthropy, tracking down Metal Gears (takes place between MGS1 and MGS2)

Unicron2500d ago

Please no more prequels or interquels. We know how this all ends. It's time for a sequel, or better yet, a fresh start with a new timeline and no baggage.

Mr_Nuts2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Yeah I wouldn't want more prequels, I mean despite how good this game looks MGSV seems more like it's setting/story would be better as a side game not a main numbered game. I understood MGS3 being a prequel because we needed a back story focusing on Big Boss.

At least with a new timeline after the first MGS1 they won't be ruining anything. I mean hardly any of us liked Raiden anyway and it would be interesting how the universe would shape if Solidus got away instead of Ocelot. Naiomi could find out through this timeline about the ageing process in Snakes cells and could find a cure in time, maybe that might be a plot point after the altered MGS2 for MGS3. Least then it won't ruin the backstory of Big Boss and co that we've all wrapped our head round.

Inception2500d ago

Agree with remakes for the MSX games. I want to see outer heaven & zanzibar land with fox engine. And of course, epic battle between young solid snakes vs gray fox / big boss!
I can't imagine how epic that events with HD graphics!

But i refuse a sequel with old solid snake. After MGS 4, he deserved a happy ending and live the rest of his life as a man and not as 'snake' without fighting Metal Gears or new enemy. Just give that mission to new protagonist. With new protagonist, Kojima can make fresh idea / story from the ground without messing MGS 1-4 timeline.

Donnywho2500d ago

Can't wait to buy the game and I would smack Kojima right now for knocking me off my Metal Gear Cloud that I've been riding since I can remember. Why do I worship a God complexed troll???

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