x360a Review: Viking: Battle for Asgard

x360a writes...

"Two of the greatest professions in this world have to be secret agent and of course, a Viking. I mean, where else could you rape and pillage to your hearts content. Probably nowhere.

However, SEGA's upcoming action adventure title (due to be released on the 25th (US) and 28th (Europe)) tells a different tale of those pesky Norse creatures. It's the tale of a hero... Albeit a bloodbath of a tale with some vivid axe to arm dissections, but nevertheless, it's a story of good versus evil where you take our hero, Skarin, on a journey to rid Midgard of evil.

It's a game that has really escaped the pre-release press... Until now! Does it win the war or does it come out limp and lifeless? Find out."

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Ghoul3860d ago

day1 purchase for me

+im half norwegian that makes me obligated to buy it :D

Rikitatsu3860d ago

if it was a shooter ppl will give it better scores though


another good score, keep it up viking. And I just may BUY you.