Gamer Gossip: What does the Xbox One mean for the Wii U and the PS4?

With the new Xbox One reveal, Sony and Nintendo may need to think on their feet! Have the console wars started again? Find out in this week’s Gamer Gossip!

- ElectroJade

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SwiffEpics2498d ago

These get better every week b!

LOGICWINS2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

This is why I like you ElectroJade. Your one of the few on this site who "gets it" with regards to the Xbox One and what MS is trying to do with it.

The conference was about their OVERALL plan for the console, giving brief snippets of tv, media streaming, and gaming. Gaming will be the focus at E3..something Microsoft CLEARLY stated beforehand.

LOGICWINS2498d ago

*looks at disagrees*

Wow..u people work quick lol.

McScroggz2498d ago

Haha, it seems it has become commonplace to automatically downvote positive Xbox One comments - err, downvote comments that aren't negative towards Xbox One ^_^

But to address the topic. Here's my stance: Taking games out of the equation, the Xbox One doesn't offer as much as those trumpeting it as an all in one entertainment device would lead you to believe.

Think about it, you still need a cable box to take advantage of the Kinect navigation. Everything I've read suggests the Xbox One cannot interface with DVR's, so in an age where recorded shows are booming in popularity the cool, instant navigation doesn't apply and you need to dig out your remote. Other than that, you get Skype calls on the side of your TV and snapping Fantasy updates or the internet on the side of your screen rather than use the smartphone/tablet you likely have.

While the features the Xbox One offers are cool and all, they absolutely do not make the console an all in one entertainment device. Then, when you look at what if offers for gaming, you are left with a console that while powerful clearly is behind the PS4.

Also, while this is certainly speculative, Sony's track record of 1st party games is simply better and more consistent. And Microsoft has stated from Day 1 that they were in the console market to make an entertainment box. With this in mind, and all of the negative news and rumors I simply don't believe the X1 will be as dedicated to gaming as the PS4.

Oh, and you are required to pay for XBL Gold to use some, if not most, of the apps and functions.

I'm willing to listen to anybody who wants to explain to me how the Xbox One is FAR superior to what entertainment value it adds over the PS4 that would actually be reason enough to buy it. Because personally, all I really see is voice navigation and instant switching, ya know?


exactly... taking the games out of it, I don't see any logical reason anybody would really want one other then to show off to friends how cool voice command is with kinect but even then, more and more smart TV's are coming out with this type of functionality so really why would you need an xboxone.

just-joe2498d ago

Not to mention, that anyone who might be remotely interested in the whole TV and football stuff most likely were not watching the presentation, they were at work. So who was this conference for? Microsoft seems to be dipping their finger in too many pies and it's gonna get the bitten in the end.

ziggurcat2498d ago

"giving brief snippets of tv"

TV was the focus in a great majority of their presentation... so hardly "brief" or a "snippet."

BullyMangler2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

but what the hek is the 720 box 1 gonna do to the wiiU when not even the 360 has dethroned the N64 regarding content and high rE-play value ?

c'mon now

and what could RareWare be up to ?

comparing points between which console has the Most Badass exclusives is how we determine who is ahead < fact poW!

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nix2498d ago

you don't have to worry about Kinect, ElectroJade. you look pretty.

TheSkullkid2498d ago

Just like the PS4, the Xbox One means NOTHING to the beast Wii U.

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