PS4 maybe supporting Remote Play via iPad

Tweet from former Naughty Dog lead game designer. Could be remote play via iPad, but it could also just mean accessing social features like viewing shared videos and etc on iPad

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Arai2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

This was shown at the PS Meeting (the images with tablet/smartphones), you can control the PS4 OS using secondary devices.

But true remote-play (playing games on secondary screens) is for VITA only.

PlayStation Mobile gets put to use in a proper way, good stuff.

a_bro2509d ago

Who knows! I'm 100 percent sure its possible. But it's pointless if there's no physical controls. That's why the vita is the device to play with the ps4

kneon2509d ago

But you can add ancillary functionality using the second screen that doesn't need physical controls.

For example I would like to have a proper "radio" for GT5. When you're running a long race you might get sick of hearing the same song and want to change to a different playlist. Something like that could be better displayed and controlled on a tablet than on the TV.

spongeboob2509d ago

It may be useless for gaming but it would be great for playing media remotely. Or maybe it would allow you to play your games on the tablet while controlling it with the DS4. I`m curious to see how they demo this feature at E3.

ltachiUchiha2509d ago

That is awesome. Atleast sony showcasing it works.

FullmetalAlchemist2509d ago

Maybe we'll be able to connect the Dual Shock 4 to the ipad via bluetooth.

a_bro2509d ago

that actually makes a good alternative.

OlgerO2509d ago

Yes, my thoughts exactly. Vita would still be better but that might open the option to more people.

stage882509d ago

And it just keeps getting better for Sony.

ltachiUchiha2509d ago

Sony just does a good job of these things. I love their water proof phone.

3styler2509d ago

Well...That escalated quickly.

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The story is too old to be commented.