Why The Kinect 2 Is Scary And Awesome At The Same Time

GP writer Jared discusses the pros and cons of the Kinect 2, and why the cons should especially be of concern to the consumer.

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IBleedXbox2506d ago

SMH at this point i dont think any xbox fan is getting the Xbox one.

Gildarts2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

I am buying One on day One.

Only thing thats really bothering me is 24hour online checkin, that is just stupid. but maybe it doesn't have to do that when you have the disc in it.

It can do everything the PS4 can and More.

Multitasking with Kinect and TV integration is a big deal for me.

And for those saying Microsoft is going Casual. You only need to look at the Controller to know that they haven't forgotten about us. That thing is just perfect. E3 will be for games.
I am expecting them to actually beat sony with their sheer amount of games. they haven't increased their First-party studios (even more then Sony now) for nothing.

It only does everything.

insertnamehurr2506d ago

Enjoy being kinect recorded while you jerk your tiny penus.

GusBricker2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

I'm sure someone will make an app that shut Kinect down for a minute, maybe they can call it the, " GiveitToYourselfharder " in tribute to you.

JetP06192506d ago

it only does everything?

you mean the ps3 lol.

Perjoss2506d ago

The fact that GivesitToUharder's comment has received so many agrees makes me lose just a little bit more faith in the N4G 'community'

JRH77832506d ago

People are always talking about Kinect. It's like Sony doesn't have a new and improved camera to rival whatever the Xbox 1 has.

It'll be funny if the PS4's camera can do all that Kinect 2 does. Except the spying on you.

SecondSon2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

I don't see that working.

They want to stop you from lending your video games or reselling them.

Since you can install and play the game from your HDD it would require the 24 hour check regardless of the disk being inside or not to ensure that someone else isn't using the disk online already while you are enjoying the whole single player offline on your friends borrowed disk.

I certainly don't see MS following this strategy after everything else.

mcstorm2506d ago

@Gildarts I agree I am getting it on day one too. There is alot of - comments on this site about the Xbox one but there was alot about the Wiiu and 3ds before it on here.

I own a Wiiu and love the consoles. Yes its missing some big 1st party games at the moment but I have picked up some games like batman, Tekken tag 2, cod bo2 as I did not the them on the ps3 or 360 and they all work well on the Wiiu controller.

For me I am glad Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are going different way with there console as it now gives us a reason to own all 3 because they all offer something different.

IM also looking forward to seeing the new Kinect in game modes as it now looks more like project natal in the way it perks and it will be good to see how developers come to use it as things like head tracking in forza 4, voice in fifa 13 and halo cse, the hand tracking in steel battalion and fable showed the kind of things that could be done with the core games and with Kinect 2 being that much better the developers can do alot more with it.

@JRH7783 the pseye is not the same as Kinect as it is only a camera and it needs light to be able to work right so it will not work in low light conditions and it also has problems where you have things in its vision like a table or pictures or sofa ect. As for pseye with move this works well as or can track the light in the dark but it can't do alot of things Kinect can do but it was not designed to be.

JRH77832506d ago

@mcstorm: You don't know what the new PSeye can and can't do so your statement is false unless you have some inside intel we don't know about.

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nosferatuzodd2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Like I need one more reason to dont buy this monstrosity.

My xbox friend is very hurt over this so i try to be sensitive about it and lend him my ps3 to play killzone 2 and GOW be nice to the xbox fans guys i know i would be pist if sony pull this crap off or nintendo

koolaid2512506d ago

I will buy one in Bill I trust!!!

strangelove2506d ago

I trust Bill & Ted. They've never lead me astray.

Snookies122506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Let's hope Bill didn't have anything to do with this system... It's like the Vista of consoles at this point. Sure, they still have a chance to turn things around at E3, but that would mean backtracking on a lot of what they've already said.

PlayStation_42506d ago

Scary? Yes.
Awesome? ahhahaha no.

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The story is too old to be commented.