How The Xbox One Will Destroy Gaming

"The Xbox One was announced earlier this week. After taking in what was shown during the reveal, the Xbox One could end gaming as we know it." - Gameolosophy

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2500d ago
Old McGroin2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Someone should point out to the Sony fanboys who are focusing on how the X1 expo showed a lot of how it will integrate with TV that the PS3 is the number one device in the world for viewing Netflix, it even tops the PC.

The expo for both the PS4 and the X1 was primarily to announce that the consoles actually exist, I wasn't expecting a slew of amazing games to be shown and neither camp did show anything that blew me away. That is what E3 is for.

RyuCloudStrife2500d ago

The PS3 is #1 for Netflix good! Expect PS4 to be #1 also.

Sony didn't develop the PS3 or PS4 for the TV, they developed it for GAMING. Microsoft developed the X-bone for the TV.

Gildarts2500d ago

Xbox One is focused on Multimedia AND Gaming.

It only does everything.

Ippiki Okami2500d ago

"Xbox One is focused on Multimedia AND Gaming.

It only does everything."

...except being a DVR. The X1 from Xfinity/comcast does everything the MS Xbone does and its not humongous like the xbone.

LOGICWINS2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

The PS3 is also a photo viewer, video editor, Internet browsing machine, media streamer, media storage machine, communications machine etc...yet it was developed for gaming. The Xbox One does all the same things..yet it was developed with tv in mind.

Anyone else see the double standard here?

KaMaHKaZiE2500d ago

Finally, these PS fans refuse to see that the X1 is a multimedia system. Just like the PS3, the X1 system can do it all.. Not that the Xbox 360 can't. I don't know why anyone has yet to mention that the Xbox 360 does the same things as the PS3... Sooo yeah.

Biggest2500d ago

I suppose we could focus on the TV aspect. However, that is not where the outrage is. The Xbox One being an expensive TV tuner/remote is great for those wanting to watch a lot of TV. The Xbox One being at the forefront of a new level of consumer control in the console gaming arena is worth the outrage. Xbox Live Gold was outrageous when it was introduced with a fee, but it worked. People fell asleep and love it. Now Microsoft is adding more fees and control. Try not to fall for it again, guys. Don't pay attention to the squirrel named TV.

S2Killinit2500d ago

that is not the issue here. Sony's devices are also aiming to do more than just gaming. The point at issue here is that Microsoft seems to think those things come before gaming. They actually had a reveal of a Gaming Console that was NOT about gaming? what is that? What does that say about their vision and future plans for gaming? And you don't have to go by my words, look at how they dropped the ball on core gaming since the middle of the current generation. Look at the lack of exclusive AAA on the console, the lack of new IPs. To reiterate, the problem with MS's reveal wasn't that they didn't say in advance, that E3 was for games and the reveal wasn't. The problem isn't even that they wont have games when E3 comes around. The problem, is that "why, was a gaming consoles reveal NOT about games?"

FrigidDARKNESS2500d ago

A thread like this has already been posted and is considered a fanboy and troll thread. Article has no merit on how a company can destroy an industry. Thread is an Opinion and hearsay on top of that its totally infallable.

TheSauce2500d ago

These doom and gloom articles are really getting repetitive.

arronax-12500d ago

They've always been that way!

S2Killinit2500d ago

well, xbox fans didn't seem to care when MS charged for online play, they simply accepted it and said it was justified because it was a better experience (although I never saw what it was that made the experience worth paying a monthly for when it could have been free). Fast forward to this generation and MS wants to charge a fee for playing used game, and they want to have online checks and always on DRM and whatnot. You want us to go along again. If the issues stayed with xbox I would have agreed, because people are free to spend their money anyway they want. Problem is, it wont stay exclusive to xbox if this business model proves successful for MS. Sony and Nintendo will have to follow suite or fall behind in revenue. In a way MS is leading the market in anti consumer practices that can become the norm. So yes, I am worried. Do you blame me?

xDHAV0K24x2500d ago

Should I blame my friends if I wanna play multiplayer with them?

S2Killinit2500d ago

haha no need to blame anyone. I'm not trying to say that xbox fans or gamers who purchase xbox are somehow to blame, even if that is how it sounds. All I'm saying is there is got to be a limit at which point people speak out. Hopefully Microsoft will back down a bit.

Mario202500d ago

Destroy yes, Eat no... Cmon Sony I thought you knew better. You cant mix cows with butchers

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