Gamernode: Condemned 2: Bloodshot Review

Condemned 2 is a game of atmosphere; an atmosphere which makes every fight, forensic minigame and non-interactive in-game cutscene much more effective. Because of its reliance on presentation, it may seem extraordinarily dated in a few years. That's the way of the industry. But right now, it's an unbridled one-of-a-kind mature ride with scant a boring moment in its 11 mission single-player campaign. Play it, but more importantly, play it in the right environment.

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Blademask3863d ago

I really liked the demo. The graphics aren't the best out there, but the entire package and immersion work perfectly. From the demo alone I cant quantify how the entire game played but if they kept up the intensity it should deserve a score like this.

kapedkrusader3863d ago

I thought the demo looked real good. Only problem, it scared the sh!t outta me. I can't enjoy a game that makes me feel like I'm choking on my own heart. I hope others do though, because it looks like it'll be a great game.

picker3323863d ago

This game coming out.Well atleast in eu april 04 or something.

Eventhough i've seen you could buy it from eu web's.
Strange or not?

One more thing,how long is this game?
i've heard it was 10hours or something,that means 7/8hours,becouse i always play through a game faster then expected.

rafaleon3863d ago

picker332-->There is eleven missions, average time to beat one is hour and a bit.