Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Gets A Revised Beta Roadmap

With the newly announced release date of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, the old beta roadmap published months ago became quite obsolete, so Square Enix released a new one, not only showing the new day in which the game will hit the shelves, but also adding changes to the features that will be available in each future phase of the beta.

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vishmarx2504d ago

hope i get a chance in phase 3 atleast..
will download both version for open beta in any case

Abriael2504d ago

If you ever got the first version of FFXIV you'll be invited automatically.

TRGMatt2504d ago

He's probly a PS3 owner. I'm waiting for that version as well. Signed up for the beta but lost my FF13-1 code so I am on a long list of potentials. Here's hoping.

ltachiUchiha2504d ago

Looks interesting but its an mmo? Free to play or pay?

XiaoSet2504d ago

Subscription plan.

FamilyGuy2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

First month is free, after that it's $12.99 per month

Luckily the game itself is only $40 on PS3 and $30 on PC. I'm definitely getting it.

Noami2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

12.99 is the starter sub the reg one is 14.99 if u wana have more than 1 char in same serv

and 9.99 for legacy member wich supported ffxiv 1.0

and im glad i did ! legacy 9.99 has same stat as the 14.99 sub..

wich is 8 char per server 40 character in total the 12.99 is 1 char per server like 20 in total

there are gona be more option in later on reveal they prob say more in E3

TRGMatt2504d ago

So now we have a graphic for its vague schedule.

Abriael2504d ago

I'm not exactly sure what's vague about it.

TRGMatt2502d ago

Of course later in the day, some hard dates were throw out...believe me, FFXIV's schedule has been vague for...well, years now lol We've been hearing "2013 maybe...Beta next month! Wait, this spring! No, summer! Phase 3 this summer!" you get my drift. My cynicism is warranted as a devotee who has waited years for this game's release on PS3.


So i dont have to rebuy this once it comes out right? i already own ff14

FamilyGuy2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Nope, if you bought ff14 then ff14: a real reborn is completely free (on pc), you just download it.