The Hot Topic : Is The Wii Successful?

Nidzumi Writes : Sure this sounds crazy but hear me out before you answer. Sure in terms of sales and popularity it's a sure fire hit but in terms of games and staying power does it cut the mustard?

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niall773864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

they arn thing has been outselling every other system in all 3 markets by 2x or more for over a year.. thats what I call staying power.

as for games.... it would be nice to have a AAA game without mario in it for once IMO

decapitator3864d ago

"it would be nice to have a AAA game without mario and zelda in it for once IMO"

Fixed for you.

But yeah, it has been very successful for Nintendo. Most people thought it would fail heavily but luck was on Ninty's side this time around.

TheWickedOne3864d ago

Umm yeah,

For Nintendo its been a huge success. Especially after the Gamecude, which sucked for the most part. I don't own a Wii, but I'm happy seeing Nintendo doing well.

Oom3864d ago

Its last gen tech in a next gen world. Its not worth 250 dollars. DRop it to 150 and we have a fair deal.

Ikanago3864d ago that the Wii is most certainly a success not only for Nintendo but also for the industry as a whole (because it's bringing in new consumers of all ages to buy software).

An argument could be made about the quality of non-Nintendo software or the lack of hardcore titles on the platform. But, either way, Nintendo is making bucket loads of money and that doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon. So, I'm sure they would consider this a success.

eagle213864d ago

I think every company has found their niche this generation. I am happy for Nintendo. I had a gamecube but don't own a Wii. Back in 2004, analysts thought Nintendo was doomed. There was talk of Microsoft buying Nintendo (I literally would have hurled). I am glad Nintendo has it's mojo back, but a little disappointed in the structure of the Wii. I can still look forward to the future though. :) Yes, it's a success.

Ikanago3864d ago

...and 360 and PS3 (all hooked up to a full 1080P screen).

If I'm being honest, I do wish that Nintendo would have spent a bit more money on the system and included 720P support and digital audio. Sure it would have added some price to the console, but given that Wiis are selling like hotcakes, I really think the consumer base would have gladly paid extra to get those features.

Just a little bit more foresight and the Wii would have felt more next gen. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy all my Wii games as is...but I wish the system was a bit more future minded.

OJ_juice3864d ago

Wii is succesful for all the wrong reasons.

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