The Danger of the Free-To-Play Model

First I would like to make clear that I absolutely adore the free-to-play model. Games like Neverwinter, Planetside 2, and league of legends offer quality gaming experience at no upfront fee; what more could you ask for as a gamer? After building my PC last year, I feel like I am being spoiled rotten by bargain games and completely free gaming experiences.

However, by analyzing the gaming market as a whole it has become clear that other publishers now see how valuable the free-to-play model is. With a next generation of consoles on the horizon, there's no doubt that we will see this free-to-play model become a regular thing on these platforms. Hell we're seeing it already with games like Dust 514 on the PS3.

That doesn't sound like a bad thing in theory right? It means console gamers will literally be able to download free games, and only pay for in-game items they feel they need.

In truth, the first wave of free-to-play games will be a thing of joy. However, once the big publishers begin to flood the market with free-to-play games you can expect things to go downhill very quickly.

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Venomousfatman2504d ago

Never really got into F2P games, but like everything else, there's a good and bad side. Hopefully the good will outweigh the bad for gamers who jump into it.