Jonathan Blow Criticizes Microsoft's Claim of Increasing Servers to 300K, Calls It A Lie

Game designer of Braid and now The Witness, Jonathan Blow is not very happy with the direction Microsoft is taking with the Xbox One.

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ZodTheRipper2509d ago

This is marketing. They probably didn't even lie directly, they just said it in a way that it's more awesome than it is in fact. Like that rocket science BS lol

Enemy2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Jonathan Blow calling Microsoft liars. This s*** is getting real. As if I needed another reason to skip the Xbox One. Can't wait for The Witness.

sengoku2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

xbone unavailing is totally unraveling.
M$ never thought in there wildest dreams it would go down this badly. devs and gamers are revolting against much of what was unveiled.

on top of that they have as good as no time before E3 to do any radical changes to there presentation.

they cant show off any new gameplay that wasn't planed long before becasue it takes dev's months of time to prepare gameplay demos.

have to add that Jonathan Blow in my book at least goes down as a dev that dears to speak up while so many have yet to voice there opinion.
i can respect that.

Blackdeath_6632509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

indie devs have been making remarks about MS for some time now because the still haven't allowed self publishing for independently developed games like sony and nintendo so i wouldn't be surprised at all if jonathan blow goes ahead and says something else.

Cam9772509d ago

This is hilarious! Never have I seen such a self destructive reveal.

JokesOnYou2509d ago

yeah seems he's really pissed over the self publishing policy, can't blame him, but he should look on the bright side, theres plenty of money he can get from sony and nintendos platforms.

Foliage2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Microsoft is once again backing on the fact that their target audience has always been individuals who do not understand technology.

This has gone further with their exit from the hardcore gaming market; into the casual Kinect area.

They can bullshit about their 300,00 instances of virtual servers; passing it off as actual 300,00 dedicated hardware that doubles up as a magical CPU and RAM that will add to a 400% boost on the internal parts of the Xbone; but in reality most people know that such a fabricated system just isn't possible.

Blow is just one of many of us developers shaking our heads at this ridiculous crap. Not only have they shut many of us out; now they are fabricating specs. Good luck working on this horseshit platform.

aGameDeveloper2509d ago

Microsoft may have been including on-demand rented servers from the likes of Amazon, in case they are needed to meet the demand.

minimur122509d ago

'the xbox is the next watercooler'

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2509d ago

loving all the positive xbox news!! lol

DonFreezer2509d ago

If he said the same for Sony you would curse him to his death so please shut your mouth ps fanboys.

Morpheuzpr2509d ago

Hmmm green tears are so tasty!!!! Teas, I mean green... teas.

Rhythmattic2509d ago


But he didnt.......

showtimefolks2509d ago

E3 for MS can't get here soon enough, these indie developers who were with xbox360 and strong supports of MS now all of the sudden see Sony and Nintendo offering self publishing and they are making the switch

I have never seen such a bad console reveal in my 20 plus years of being a gamer, I know they are suppose to talk about it a E3 but I don' think they will change a lot

used games will have a fee
xblive is still a paid service no matter how anyone spins it of being better
you will need internet connection or no games after 24hrs

Cueil2509d ago

an egotistical asshat called Microsoft liars? There has to be some kind of amusing twist when the story comes out fully.

negative2508d ago

Oh you PSbore fanboys.....

nosferatuzodd2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

sony and microsoft is in a rap battle, xbox one said>> sony you suck we have more money this is the year of the duck .

sony said my turn >>> sony said >>microsoft isn't it evil to live backwards check it out << live evil backwards 359 step backwards oh

Hard liquor, y’all full of DRM, remember
I tried to give Microsoft the large picture
Your Microsoft wasn’t no gamer, they're just another lost money grubber
You think it’s gangster to let a gamer love that TV more than their FPshooter
used the kineck camera to watch his son even around the corner?
Or leave your son out here alone to fend for himself, knowin that the kineck camera is government surveillance stalker,
Is your money being long worth your lifespan bein shorter? Huh? Microsoft

Zodd the immortal said >>Wow

Alexious2507d ago

Finally, someone willing to point out their lies.

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jujubee882509d ago

If people stopped talking about Xbox One tomorrow, I sincerely wouldn't miss it. :)

jujubee882509d ago

Hey, I'm serious. I've lived this long without an Xbox in my life. Xbox One becomes obsolete tomorrow?

Fine by me. Fine by me. ^^

MariaHelFutura2509d ago ShowReplies(11)
AsheXII2509d ago

Probably didnt lie directly? They said- Directly- They were going to have 300k servers worldwide.

Thats as direct as it gets.

kneon2509d ago

But did they say they were dedicated solely for use by XBox Live? They could just be part of their standard cloud offering, some of which is used by Xbox Live.

ltachiUchiha2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

They also said they expect to sell 1 billion xbox ones. That just showed me how delusional they are.

Elit3Nick2509d ago

@ltachiUchiha That comment shows how delusional you are, microsoft said a billion next-gen consoles, not just the X1...

nirwanda2509d ago

They that just shows how delusional you are to beleave that.
You do relealize that when the xbone launches it will become current gen and therefore they won't ever sell any next gen consoles.

deafdani2508d ago

@Elit3Nick: you're absolutely correct. Still, I also think it's absolutely delusional to believe that it's possible to sell 1 billion next gen consoles in total.

Once sales for the PS3 and Xbox 360 have totally stopped dead in their tracks, the total of current console sales (including Wii) will amount to more than 300 million (which is already an insane number).

To expect next gen to sell more than TRIPLE numbers of what current gen sold is batshit insane, in my opinion. That's about 1/8th of the world's population! XD

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OC_MurphysLaw2509d ago

Not a lie... using Azure for their cloud...and its already a massive server farm. Blow is just a D Bag so honestly could careless if he believes its real or not.

ltachiUchiha2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

They charge ppl now to play on p2p servers. They have false advertising showing a multiplatform game saying, "Only on xbox 360" when you can also play it on other systems. Smh

PSVita2509d ago

@itachi- I may be wrong but I don't think I've seen any ads saying "only on xbox 360" for multi platform games. However they make it seem like that for a lot of games especially COD.

Cueil2509d ago

Blow is a DBag... 100 percent agree... people forget how he got angry at people enjoying his game for the gameplay and not for the meaning behind it

-Superman-2509d ago

Like Microsoft said: "Xbox 360 is best selling console 2 years row"

Yet he forgot to say only in USA, but worldwide it sold less than Wii and PS3

shadyiswin2509d ago

2 years in any region is a big deal,to be the largest selling region is an even bigger deal,i mean 2 years despite all those amazing ps3 exclusives all those discounted wii's and on top of a new system launch (wii u),2 years is an amazing feat,id boast and brag more if i was microsoft.

Dazzav012509d ago

Tell 360 wen it out sells ps2 and its only sold million more than ps3 so it's not that great considering it had a year head start and it makes most its sales cause every ones first two 360's broke so they rob people blind but I do like the 360 so I'm not a ps fanboy just stating the facts.

dantesparda2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )


So if winning in one region is such a reason to brag about then by your logic, Sony should be bragging like a motherfvcker, they've been beating the 360 in every other region for well over 2 yrs now. Heck, even VGChartz has them tied worldwide, and you know vgchartz has always had the 360 ahead. So there goes 360's once 10 million consoles lead, gone and matched by PS3 in less time.

jimbobbeers2509d ago

Correct, however the two biggest gaming markets in the world are the US & the UK, to which the 360 leads by some way. Other countries in Europe are small in comparison to the money made in the UK & US. Japan is the 3rd, to which Sony & Ninendo will forever lock out.

dantesparda2508d ago

I dont know exactly what the numbers in the US and UK are, but does it matter more that 360 is selling more in 2 countries? (even if they supposedly are the 2 biggest markets) or that its selling more worldwide? See this is the problem with "side-taking", you'll latch on to any fact to make yourself feel better. I see it everywhere (like politics for example)

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Gildarts2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

So avalanche studios (Just Cause) is lying to us too?

Coming from an ACTUAL Developer not indie.

This guy is lying too,
Wired is also lying. everyone is lying.

Jonathan Blows(see what i did there?) comes of as just another mad Indie Developer to me. because of no self-publsihing.

Microsoft will introduce self-publishing if enough people complain about it. I bet they are working their ass of right now.

forcefullpower2509d ago

Did you actually bother to read the links you just posted. they just confirm what Jonathan blow is talking about. Microsoft is bending the truth a lot.

LackTrue4K2509d ago

I can't believe that Xbox One is a all in one console, but!!!
It can't play it's old 360 games?!?

xDHAV0K24x2509d ago

Gotta move forward with the tech. Wanna play old shit keep ur old consoles. PS3 have been dicking the bc lovers for yrs!

Muerte24942509d ago

PS3 disagrees with you. I guess it pays to be an early adopter.

OC_MurphysLaw2508d ago

PS4 isn't backwards compatible either but to be fair Sony is looking to use Gaikai to offer up all those PS3 games again through their stream service... and most likely put that either behind PSN+ or just resell them again to you.

3-4-52509d ago

as long as dev's and gamers are on the same side, we as gamers win. Winning = more good games

It's like Microsoft wants us to think it's just A....yet we know B,C,D & E are involved somehow but they won't tell us everything.

Then they go blame the media for us speculating on things they themselves never cleared up.

They keep saying " so and so cleared this up earlier....but then they go on to say things that unclear it right back up again"

Ego can destroy a company. When those running the show think they are smarter than they really are, things like this happen.

xxxxx012509d ago

you have to love n4g.
went you need a good laugh n4g is here to help with you.

dale_denton2509d ago

yeah, more severs for kinnect to spy on you is what they meant

malokevi2509d ago

Lol. I think this is the... 4th time, Johnny Blow has come out of the woodwork and lambasted Microsoft over rumours/speculation. Somebody's on the Sony payroll....

ChrisW2509d ago

The thing that's getting me here is the "x86 architecture"... which on PCs can only utilize up to 4Gbs of RAM. I'm interested to see how this'll be different for consoles.

CoLD FiRE2509d ago

You're misunderstanding this. The Xbox One and PS4 will both be 64bit. The limit you're talking about only applies to 32bit systems and even then that only applies to non-PAE modes.

Anonagrog2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

There's nothing special going on here. For years we've had 64-bit processors that use the x86 instruction set, but with 64-bit extensions. That's what will be inside the PS4 and XB One.

ChrisW2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

@Cold Fire,

What I understood was:

X86 = 32bit
X64 = 64bit

Which is why I was confused...


Okay, that I didn't know. I just found this via a Google search:

"x86 started out as a 16-bit instruction set for 16-bit processors (the 8086 and 8088 processors), then was extended to a 32-bit instruction set for 32-bit processors (80386 and 80486), and now has been extended to a 64-bit instruction set for 64-bit processors."

Thanks for pointing this out.

Syntax-Error2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

This guy is tweeting that MS is lying, but has no PROOF that it was a lie. That's a guy venting on twitter instead of finding out for himself if those numbers were fabricated. I too am pissed at the reveal because they dropped the ball, but I am not going to a cast a stone at them without knowledge. This seems like another senseless attack just to join the TREND

@Itachi-You are a complete idiot. MS never said they would sell 1 Billion units. If you read the article like an adult instead of look at the pretty pictures you would have seen the title said NEXT GENERATION CONSOLES(not just X1) WILL REACH 1 BILLION. Read next time you moron

Nocando2508d ago

Wouldn't you agree that this is going too far? It seems like a mob embellishing stories until its a wildfire of dumb.

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Queasy2509d ago

I'm sorry but Blow is coming across as increasingly unhinged with his hatred of all things Microsoft. I know he feels like he got a raw deal with Limbo but he doesn't have anything to back up this assertion. And, even if Microsoft reaches the 300k claim in part by using virtual what?

JP13692509d ago

Blow made Braid, not Limbo.

HammadTheBeast2509d ago

Virtual servers are not even close to real ones. It's a blatant lie meant for the uninformed.

Queasy2509d ago

Depends on how it is setup...which we and Blow know nothing about at this point.

ColinZeal2509d ago

If they were physical servers, they would´ve showed that down our throats...
That´s from 101 marketing.

caseh2509d ago


How do you figure that exactly? Virtual servers are no different to physical in terms of functionality as long as the host specs are sufficient.

On top of that, everyone seems to forget that MS are first and foremost an IT company...not a gaming company. They can do this sh*t with their eyes closed if needs be.

MysticStrummer2509d ago

Hammad is right. This is something MS has been talking about since at least 2008. They are virtual servers in Chicago. If you live near there, congrats. If not, it won't make much difference to you.

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3-4-52509d ago

Just because a comment is negative, doesn't mean somebody is going all Jim Kramer and spazzing out.

Negative comments can be stated while in a completely relaxed and calm state of mind.

I think he recognizes something isn't as it seems and has informed us the gamers, that we were probably mislead.

He is looking out for gaming as a whole if anything.

nix2509d ago

Braid. the game that screwed my brain. lol.

if he made Braid, i'm so looking forward to "The Witness".

TheDivine2509d ago

He's a hypocrite. He liked MS when they put him on and made him a success. Without MS he'd be just another Indy dev.

Whatever you think of MS they have made many Indy devs household names. There wouldn't be Indy sections on consoles without MS blazing the trail. They made an affordable dev tool available for 100 bucks and gave a lot of people a platform to release games on. This guy seems bitter tbh.

Hercules1892509d ago

It seems like a cool thing to hate on microsoft right now, its like when people watch the news and they feel like they know every thing there is to know about the world. Sometimes the less you know, the better you feel.

malokevi2509d ago

So true, queasy. Its getting stupid...

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Godmars2902509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Given MS's history of misrepresentation this wouldn't be anything new.

So he's asserting that basically MS is trying to do a pyramid scheme? That given forced online connection the spare CPU power of systems not in full use will go towards ones which are?

In other words, if three X1s are regularly used only for TV while one is more for gaming, the spare system power of the three other consoles gets distributed to the fourth.

Sounds like what they did with online.

headblackman2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

what exactly did Microsoft actually misrepresent?

let's be real here. this is something that sounds a little far fetched, but with the right dollars anything is possible (which Microsoft just so happens to have). its a show me situation. not a bash it situation. bashing something before its proven to be true or false simply shows ignorance and the desire to be a fanbot. don't be a fanbot.

Godmars2902509d ago

That they're going to sink money into a 300k server farm when the actual servers will be the X1s they sell to people. That people are going to be contributing to it whether they know or want to, and then very likely will have to pay to access it.

And Kinect is just as worse: people will have to use, be measured and recorded, and MS will use that information to sell advertisers who in turn will pay MS for ads which are then targeted towards Kinect users. They make money of the deal in all forms.

Consumers may not get much out of it, but MS certainly will.

Foliage2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Microsoft is counting their current Azure servers and misrepresenting them to pretend as if they are exclusive to the Xbox One. If they were using Azure; they would not have access to 80% of those servers. Even then; I'm being generous.

Next, they are fabricating the server count to suggest that they have 300,000 physical servers. In actuality; they are likely running hundreds to thousands of virtual server instances on a much more reduced amount of physical servers.

Keeping this simple; it's a marketing ploy. Anyone can create hundreds to thousands of virtual servers; then claim them as a "large amount of servers". Then after they are done with their marketing gimmick; reduce the count down to something that would actually function (that amount of virtual servers would run horribly).

It's complete smoke and mirrors; most people are not falling for it.

I'm not even going to touch on the ridiculous notion that the cloud would give a 400% performance boost. It's quite the contrary; as you would be bogged down by network speeds. Ultimately relying on the cloud would worsen your performance.