Top 5 PlayStation games that were nearly films

PlayStation Universe takes a look at the PlayStation games that were almost made into films.

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ltachiUchiha2510d ago

Would love to see a god of war or uncharted movie but im scared they might ruin it.

Count2510d ago

There's already an Uncharted movie. It's called Indiana Jones.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

OMG I've seen that!! :D It really must be an Uncharted movie. Because like most video games to movies, it has little to nothing in common with the source material... /s -_-

I'm pretty sure Uncharted and God of War weren't cancelled but were put on hiatus. Last I heard of the Uncharted movie Sony had hired the National treasure writers to re-write the script after that abomination family drama that David O. Russell wrote.

Count2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

''it has little to nothing in common with the source material''
I wonder about that.

fardan852510d ago

National Treasures feels little bit like Uncharted