iPhone Has The Potential To Overtake Sony PSP and Nintendo DS

Roughly Drafted has a nice, long analysis of the iPhone as a gaming device, and they hit on a lot of great reasons why the iPhone seems destined to be a great gaming platform. Not only will it have the hardware chops to play games (including a few input devices that no other handheld gaming consoles have ever had), but Apple's SDK implementation, when it finally gets off the ground in June anyway, seems poised to let almost anyone develop any game ideas they have for the device.

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decapitator3956d ago

My main concern is GTAIV, so far as it's safe and Rockstar would become EA's asset, am cool with it.

decapitator3956d ago

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I like th iPhone. I think is one of the best things out there right now, but this statement is a bit of an over stretch.

Harry1903956d ago

experts they are.they should
stop b1tching and play games more.

mikeslemonade3956d ago

Not sure about the sales but there's probably what about only 3 million iPhones in the wild and it only has a real presence in the U.S.

decapitator3956d ago

Can anyone tell me why European aren't such big fans of the iPhone ? I mean, I like what it has to offer and everything but I hate the design as hell. Anything without a quick access keyboard is not really my thing you know.

Harry1903956d ago

have good taste.that's why

mighty_douche3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

I believe the iphone hasnt taken off in the UKto much because of its price. Its only avaliable on 1 network, they put you on a rediculously expensive contract and charge you £250+ for the phone up front. Thats just to much when you can grab yourself something else like the nokia n95 which ok, isnt as pretty but does the job and costs you much less.

I'm UK and very recently picked up an iphone, all my mate are very jealous but they all stick to their guns and say its to pricey at the moment.

mikeslemonade3956d ago

Apple is american copy. Reason why Microsoft and Apple don't have as big as a presence there as here.

sonarus3956d ago

as long as the psp remains cheaper iphone is only dreaming. They can definetly compete with the psp phone and the nguage though but it really doesnt go beyond that

yesah3956d ago

i highly doubt that sony and nintendo are worried about the Iphone coming into gamestop and claiming their sales. Alough it would be interesting if Apple made a console.....ridiculously over-priced, yet popular.

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ruibing3956d ago

The iPhone is too expensive, has too many other functionalities, lacks too many physical interfaces, and is too expensive to ever overcome the PSP or DS. It is the same reason why smart phones, PDAs, and other handhelds can't compete with dedicated handheld gaming platforms.

ScottEFresh3956d ago

Considering no wireless companies in Canada carry the iPhone...ummmm I don't think so.

beoulve3956d ago

seriously, they think a $399 iphone can beat $169 PSP? What world they live in

MaximusPrime3956d ago

nobody in UK interested in iPhone purely because of ripoff tariff and poor phone.

Better get iTouch instead.

mighty_douche3956d ago

If your going to buy an itouch, i dont see why you wouldnt just buy a sim free unlocked iphone, its like £30 more.

beoulve3956d ago

30GB vs 4GB alot of different. especially storing movies.

mighty_douche3956d ago

Very true, didnt take storage into consideration. Iphone is 8/16gb though, not 4.

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