Call of Duty: Ghosts - New Features Confirmed INCLUDING Online

Call of Duty Ghosts development team and Infinity Ward Executive Producer Mark Rubin tell us about the new features they are bringing to their upcoming title. We list out the interesting bits for those of you who want a quick run down of what to expect.

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NewEra73474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

You forgot the ear tattoo scars on the dog nose and the mind blowing fish AI features!

sengoku3474d ago

definitively cant wait to swim those with fishes.
there ai is probably going to be so supers sophisticated it will need to be calculated in the cloud of 300.000 servers.

RenegadeRocks3474d ago

LOL ! Using clouds for water fish is true next gen tech :P !

Oldman1003471d ago


Using that processing power for land fish would make much more sense. It's an awesome idea though, I'll admit that.

MariaHelFutura3474d ago

But, do they have snowmen? One you will love and care about... well not really, he's a snowman.

ginsunuva3474d ago

And the hairy arms and dirt under fingernails!

BeardedPriest3474d ago

BF4 is gonna blow this shit outta the water.

elhebbo163474d ago

under water warfare FTW...and everything else of course.

DeadManMcCarthy3474d ago

BF4 has Omar Little. That's enough for me to make a purchase.

Goro3474d ago

No it won't...COD will sell about 3 times more because that's just how the cookie crumbles

nathanhale3474d ago

would the fishes move out the way when it blows it out the water? :)

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PigPen3474d ago

I going to have fun with this! It all sounds good, can't wait to buy.

batbatz3474d ago ShowReplies(2)
3474d ago
InTheZoneAC3474d ago

every cod release:

-new maps
-new character skins
-recycled building structures
-recycled weapons
-recycled sounds
-recycled animations
-recycled bs p2p connection system
-recycled hit detection
-new campaign
-new co-op

yet people go crazy for it every year...

SexyGamerDude3474d ago

It's mainly for the multiplayer and playing with other people. Games are are much more fun when you get to play with your friends.

shysun3474d ago

Iw games hit detection is better than Treyarchs games!... Im just saying.......

LtFaku3474d ago

Im just buying it because at last my friends make me do it... They want to play with me, and thats fine. I don't mind $50 for a game if that make them happy.

ginsunuva3474d ago

More like reskinned campaign and coop. They always play exactly the same every time.

shysun3473d ago

The multi player doesn't play the same! There is a difference between IW and Treyarch games. If you don't know that then either you've never played the games or haven't been gaming long enough to know the difference!

People just hit disagree with no explanation, challenge me on this and I'll make you look stupid!

AzaziL3472d ago

Normally I'd buy it due to peer pressure and so I can rant to my friends about how bad CoD is while they play. This year though with PS4, GTAV, Watch Dogs, The Last of Us, probably a couple other games, I won't have a dime to waste for a reheated turd.

InTheZoneAC3471d ago

you forgot gran turismo 6....and assassin's creed iv....and legend of zelda a link to the past 2(gives me a reason to buy a 3ds)

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