These Are The Things Xbox One Won't Do

By Ural Garrett

The hoopla over last week's Xbox One reveal was all about new hardware specifics and promised new features. Considering the news that came out during the following days, there seems to be more stuff that it can't than can do. Here is what we know won't be happening with Microsoft's next-gen console. 

No Backwards Compatibility 

Don Mattrick, President of Interactive Entertainment for Microsoft told The Wall Street Journal "if you're backwards compatible, you're really backwards." Now that's understandable considering that his studies found that only five percent of customers play games from previous generations when it comes to physical media. The question of the moment is what happens to downloadable games seeing that Xbox One is going for a new chip set architecture? They're gone unless a user keeps their original console.

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2502d ago Replies(1)
Excalibur2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

WON'T be spying on me because I WON'T be buying it.

airgangstarr2502d ago

BACKWARDS COMPATABILITY? jus plug ur 360 right into the hdmi in on the xbox one an u can play all the 360 games u want haha

Typical-Guy2502d ago

Backwards compatibility is the least of my problems. I really don't care about it. The rest is really disturbing though !