Wii shortage continues, but why?

The good news is you're not alone.

The bad news is that locating one of the consoles won't get any easier for at least several more months.Video game retailer GameStop acknowledged the ongoing shortage during a conference call this week to discuss its annual sales results ($7.1 billion, up 33 percent from 2006, so yeah, they did all right).

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wiizy3914d ago

simple.. wii is the best and its actually innovative

Cryos3914d ago

I think it's a little of that, plus nintendo keeping quantities down.

I think they realize that if the wii is readily available, it loses its hype, an it won't sell as well if you can find it anywhere. By ensuring a limited supply, they can keep people wanting it, instead of the "i'll get one later" or whatever.

There's also the possibility that the private market is keeping supplies unjustifiably short. Possibly ebay sellers, among others, buying up whatever they find just to resell them for a marked up price, could also explain why it's so hard to find. right now there are 2000 wii's for sale on ebay. that doesn't include other auction sites, or even craig's list, where on any given day, I can count 4 wiis for sale.

Kulupoo3914d ago

Gj Cryos... great analysis
better than this article
kodos and bubble to u

slowlearner3914d ago

Personally i don't think it's the best but I'm one of those fringe 360 people. But the rest of the world agrees it's the best (#1 in sales). I don't understand all the disagrees for wiizy. I don't agree with the argument that Nintendo is keeping quantities down. They need to sell all they can now, while it is still not a fad.

mikeslemonade3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

Nintendo is just too cheap make more supply centers. I got the Wii recently and can tell that Nintendo is real cheap in packaging the damn thing. The package did not have the "new" smell. The console had some dust on it. The box was not very clean or smooth. It almost looked like a poor man's Apple computer package. And the wiimote came with one of the condom accessorys already attached over the wiimote. Sooner or later Nintendo has to spend the money they earned either on games or more supply centers.

KeiZka3914d ago

Strange, mike, for I myself did have that fancy "new" smell on my Wii when I got it back in July. Curious.

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Gaara_7243914d ago

i personaly think there holding back someunits in a huge warhous so that when the time comes they can release loads and say yeh we droped the price 5% look at the results 50% increase in salles maybe that is y there sortages?

Grown Folks Talk3914d ago

it keeps the demand up & they don't have to drop the price.

gEnKiE3914d ago

Yep, exactly. I know.... I fell into their trap because I knew they were hard to get so when I saw one I bought it right away. Its fun to have for the gf though.

3914d ago
wAtdaFck3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

I think that they're just trying to create the following illusion:


It sucks so bad...because I want a Wii :(

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