Why Won’t Sony Let Us See What the PS4 Looks Like?

The next generation of console gaming is upon us. Nintendo has already launched its Wii U, Microsoft’s Xbox One will be launching sometime later this year, and Sony has revealed several details about its PlayStation 4.

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Sandmano2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

Its a great way to build hype thats why. Were all excited to see it at e3 and thats where MS went wrong. They showed the console and not the games people wont care about the games at e3, it will all be about how the PS4 looks.

Cam9772503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

It's a strategy. Sony knew they were going to reveal first so they held onto the PS4's design so that they have something to show, and build up hype for at E3. You see, nobody cares about the XBONE at E3 because everything excluding games has been shown. On the other hand, the PS4 is yet to be shown which is great as people are still interested in it.

Yi-Long2503d ago

... they already knew the specs and wanted to announce what they were going to do, but I believe they are still just putting the finishing touches on the visual design of the actual console.

I guess Sony didn't want to prematurely show a design that might resemble a huge Betamax-player or something.

TBH, it's not all that important to me. The PS3 phat looked great, the 2nd PS3 looked a bit less impressive, and the last release just looks cheap and 'plastic', which is a shame.

I hope the PS4 will look stunning ofcourse, but it won;t be a dealbreaker.

When Sony start announcing the same kinda crap that MS announced, THAT would be a dealbreaker!

Muerte24942503d ago

That should be an "if" not "when", in your last sentence. People are assuming Sony's is going to follow Microsoft for some reason when it comes to used games and DRM. Nintendo jumped from #130 to #40 after Microsoft's reveal on Amazon. Unless PS4 is requires a connection every 24 hours or mandatory game installs, then i don't see how they can enforce it.

duli142503d ago

@ yi-long

Killzone:sf was running on an actual ps4 so I think they are finished with the design of the console.

BadboyCivic2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

Be assured, it will looking nothing like X1 . I just want to know if they really paid someone to design. Reminded me of the Gamecube, well at least the GC was purple

NatureOfLogic2503d ago

Xbox One design is so ugly that MS should've claimed it to be only an prototype, and had an alternative design ready to go.

BadboyCivic2503d ago

PS4 will not look like a square box

Kaizin5142503d ago

@ duli14

Just because it was running on an actual PS4 doesn't mean that the final design was finished. It very well was probably running on a development kit as I assume most demos are during these conventions.

In terms of the article, I do agree that it is just a strategy to generate hype for their conference. Can't really fault them for that considering E3 this year was gonna be all about next gen. I am looking forward to it and like many others, I was kind of disappointed with what Microsoft brought to the table. I was really hoping for a huge competitive difference this gen, but I am not really seeing it... yet.

Yi-Long2503d ago

... I said 'VISUAL DESIGN' of the console.

I didn't say the hardware (internally) wasn't finished yet, just that they were probably still considering their options about what it would look like.

@Muerta: You're right, I meant 'IF' they make similar announcements.

buynit2503d ago


Mandatory install didnt bother any one with a ps3 everyone actually defended it, so why is it an issue now?

S2Killinit2503d ago

because this time around it about controlling you. MS is pretty much taking money out of your pocket. You no longer will own what you pay for. You are merely buying permission to use the games you buy. This is what happens when consumers buy into shit like paying for online gaming when it is proven not to be necessary. People defended having to pay for Live, just to have to pay again for netflix and what not, and here is the results. Now MS pushes for even more from the consumer since they got away with it before. Sadly, I think if xbox one proves to be a success, everyone else in the industry will follow suite, including Sony.

waltercross2502d ago

@ buynit

The PS3 didn't require you to install the whole game from disc.

abzdine2502d ago

of course it could be about lettig the hype train going, but in my opinion there could be more things into it than just hype. maybe the box has some material things that could be copied by others? i dot know but i'm thinking exchange of parts and all...

Ju2502d ago

I'd rather think, they must have had a couple of design prototypes ready since a while now. I agree with the strategy, Sony could actually beat MS to it - and still keeping the joker. Now they can simply counter the box after MS's reveal.

I think that was well played. Would MS have waited till E3 that would have been a different story - because I think Sony will show final HW at E3. They had MS run into a trap right there.

A case can be built in quantities fairly quickly as long as the board fits into the specs. I think that's what they did. Now they can adapt to that big back boring box. And still keep it interesting.

Gaming1012502d ago

What are we 5 years old? There's a time and a place for everything, and when it's ready it's ready. If the system packaging isn't fully finalized you aren't going to see it, grow up already!

AndrewLB2502d ago

Anyone who thinks the PS4 design is finished just because they've shown a game being played has no idea what they're talking about. Sony was showing off PS3 games prior to launch which was running on a dev system, and at E3 2005 where Microsoft had the official Xbox 360 preview which included being able to get hands on gameplay... but what Microsoft didn't tell anyone was behind the fancy gaming stations was a secret. Each Xbox 360 was actually TWO PowerMac G5 systems. I took this photo myself.

minimur122502d ago

they will let us see what it looks like. you have to wait mr article writer. Stupid child

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sinncross2503d ago

They are keeping it for E3 and atm its helping to build hype for their conference.

its a win-win for everyone. what the PS4 looks like is one of my most anticipated announce for the whole of E3 this year.

just...cant wait!

Sandmano2503d ago

Well it cant be worse then the xbox one IMO. The boxy design just doesnt look attractive.

kneon2503d ago

I have no problem with the basic box shape of the Xbox One but this particular design is not all that attractive.

But for me, how a console looks is by far the least important aspect of a console.

moparful992502d ago

@kneon I can respect your opinion but if I'm going to be paying hundreds of dollars and have it take a prominent position in my av stack then I want it to have a pleasing design. It's not a deal breaker by any means but I deem it in the top 3 important features.

Omar912503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )


I'm sorry but I completely disagree. Since when was it wrong to reveal your console at a press conference? Every generation before this, all consoles were shown when they were revealed. Sony did a great job at building the hype for their system, but miscrosoft did nothing wrong in terms of showing their console off at a conference specifically for that reason.

"They showed the console and not the games people wont care about the games at e3, it will all be about how the PS4 looks."

I guess you can look at this numerous ways, however I do not think that Microsoft did anything wrong not revealing any games at their console reveal. That's the point of E3 to showcase all the games XBO will have. So while sony will dedicate half hour or so on the reveal of the console, Microsoft will have the full 90 mins or so to talk about games if they decide to do this the right way.

I didn't personally like what Microsoft showed, I think sony is doing a great job in hyping and giving gamers what they want with the PS4, however I think your statement is a little on sided imo.

vitullo312503d ago

Lol id place a large bet that microsoft is not going to talk about games for 90 minutes...

Omar912503d ago

Thats quite possible lol. If they do though I'm sure there will be a lot of time dedicated to kinect games and not full fledge AAA games.

I just don't like that everyone is shitting on them for not showing games when clearly E3 is in 2 weeks. I'm sure they thought this through before announcing the XBO

MysticStrummer2503d ago

I agree that neither MS nor Sony has made a mistake with how they've handled revealing the actual look of their systems. I'd say XBox One looks like an early VCR, which is a questionable design choice, but that's entirely subjective.

I'm sure MS will focus on games, but they need to spend at least some of their time clarifying the info we already have. Their PR has been very confusing. Harrison and Nelson have been quoted, then those quotes have been both contradicted and confirmed by various sources. MS needs to explain what the real deal is.

I doubt Sony will spend a half hour on the look of the console. They'll have to spend some time on Vita, which will take away PS4 time, and I'm sure as usual they'll talk at least a little about sales numbers. That's understandable after what PS3 has done, but I'd rather get more PS4 info and see more games than see sales numbers.

S2Killinit2503d ago

its not that xbox did anything wrong in regard to showing their systems physical form, its that Sony's strategy makes sense. For example, I'm excited about seeing it for the first time, and Sony has already had its conference and the benefits that will come with announcing your system early. So no, xbox hasn't done a bad thing by showing it.

moparful992502d ago

@Omar91 The issue with revealing early like they have is that there was little to no hype surrounding the announcement and the design was very underwhelming. Of course that's just my opinion but as someone who has been gaming since the NES I feel that my opinion holds merit. As far as their E3 press conference being fully devoted to games I'm going to call false. Knowing Microsoft it's fair to say that they will focus primarily on the multimedia functions like Kinect, APPS, TV functionality etc... I hope they prove me wrong but I'm not holding my breath.

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EasilyTheBest2503d ago

Just wait patiently for E3 to see what it looks like, just like all the Sony fans are just waiting patiently to see all the Xbox One games at E3.

bigfish2503d ago

if your thinking is correct, then MS screwed up lol

stage882503d ago

It's a fantastic strategy by Sony to build hype.

And guess what IT'S WORKING!

joab7772503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

Reallly its b/c its 10 feet tall and weighs 75 pounds. I thought we were over this. We will see it at E3. Sony played this perfectly.

lilbrat232503d ago

June 10th all will be revealed :-)

Sitdown2503d ago

When Sony did not show the console at the reveal fans said who cares what it looks like, now we are excited to see it at E3? Anyhow, I am just ready to know the price and preorder.

waltercross2502d ago

@ Sitdown

It's because people are answering the Article, the Article says "Why wont Sony let us see the PS4?" It's because It's a Strategy move, MS played their hand, Sony Isn't done yet.

ABizzel12502d ago

I don't care what the box looks like, that's so superficial especially considering after you look at it for the first day then show it off to your friends it's going to be the least important thing to you.

It's what's in the inside that matter most to me as with every relationship :D

moparful992502d ago

I disagree something that costs hundreds of dollars and will take up the primary position in your A/V stack then the look of it is important..

Downtown boogey2502d ago

Honestly I don't give a shit how it looks. I buy things based on what they do, not what they look like (unless I happen to wear them)

colonel1792502d ago

Specs are more important than the looks of the console. If they had showed a beautiful console, but had specs like the Wii U it would have sucked. I liked that they secured gamers with the specs and features, because then, the looks don't matter that much.

Mounce2502d ago

It's kinda obvious that Sony shouldn't just bloody show EVERYTHING about the PS4 at the February announcement. Have to keep some secrets to hype people for June. If they announced PS4, showed it, told everything there was to know at Feb and it launches Oct/Nov then the wait inbetween? The hype would bloody die. It's sorta common sense.

So I'm not sure why this article and anyone else whining about not seeing a Plastic Shell has to whine so much. The console itself maybe will have features itself on it like the controller has a share button. Maybe the PS4 for a first time as a casing will have something unique about it too and not simply be a Console/Tower shell.

NumOnePS3FanBoy2502d ago

Your comment is somewhat true. But they are going to be showing a lot of games at their E3 conference.

Hercules1892502d ago

microsoft, atleast showed their console at a console reveal, it was never supposed to be about showing off the games when e3 is a couple weeks to go. I like the strategy microsoft took because now that they took care of what it looks like and the features, e3 will be all about the games while we already know about the ps4 games, so theres less of a surprise from sony.

xtremeimport2502d ago

They said they hadn't settled on a design model.


AngryEnglish2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

Sandmano did you really just say nobody will care for the games at E3 and be more interested in PS4's form factor..... Come on man, I can't wait to get a PS4 but to say people won't Care for X1's games is crazy, it's E3.... The biggest games convention there is, it's been that way since 1995, this isn't the 1st piece of new hardware to be ever shown there.

@Mounce you could use that very same argument for the X1 reveal, they openly said before the reveal that the 1st look wouldn't be about games, but people must have thought they was lying, MS wanted to leave the games to E3 so not to spew everything they had, do I think MS did the right thing at their reveal.....No.... But it's the same thing, holding back so they can attempt to wow people with the games

PSVita2502d ago

In one interview they didn't have the final design complete when the did the PS Meeting.

mp12892502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

Also im assuming its aesthetically worth it, unlike the xbox one


exactly. the fact that sony showed games before console keeps people EXCITED to finally see the build.
the fact that microsoft showed the console before games leaves people WORRIED about the lack of software they had to show. the difference in strategy leaves gamers on opposite ends.

Tiqila2502d ago

people wont care about games at E3? how can anyone agree with that statement -_-

otherZinc2502d ago

What if its because SONY didn't test the PS4 with the components inside that they announced. What if the specs shown at the PS4 Reveal were thrown in due to what M$ was going to announce.

Maybe that's why Polyphony Digital or other devs were shocked at the specs of 8gigs & gddr5. Now SONY must find a box and cooling system that won't burn the house down.

TheSurg2502d ago

Wait, am I hearing you right? First you guys complain MS never show enough games on e3 and sony wins coz its all about GAMES. Now when MS announce e3 will be all about games for them, you guys say no one cares about the games but how ps4 will look like... guys are really unbelievable. Anything posivite about MS you will turn into negative. Anything negative about Sony you will turn into positive. Hypocracy at it's best.

MYSTERIO3602502d ago

I think the title of this article should read ''Why Won’t Sony Let Us See What the PS4 Looks Like...just yet" and that's only to have more anticipation for E3.

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icecoldfire2503d ago

Our faces will melt like wax, that's why.

icecoldfire2503d ago

Doesn't anyone here get the obvious Raiders of the Lost Ark reference?

KillrateOmega2503d ago

I did! :)

I would have replied in recognition earlier, but I just got to this article.

duli142503d ago

Better look away when they reveal it then lol

MysticStrummer2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

"It's beautiful!!!"

*face melts*


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tiffac0082503d ago

I would rather not have my face melt though, I want to live to play the console. lol!

PSVita2502d ago

You know I can see why the Xbox One is getting hated for the design but what IF the ps4s the same or worse. I doubt it but come on people it's not going to be dipped in Gold that's been melted by dragons breath and blessed with unicorn tears.

icecoldfire2500d ago

With the blood of 10,000 virgins as well, how can you forget that?

zeroskie2503d ago

because E3. Very simple.

Bathyj2503d ago

They were too busy showing games.

militant072503d ago ShowReplies(2)
ginsunuva2503d ago

Because the actual physical console doesn't matter much at all.

How often do we look at our consoles anyway?
Mine are hidden in the electronics cabinet under the TV and wired from the back.

It's to make sure no emphasis is placed on the plastic but on the software, which is very smart.

dale_denton2502d ago


GreenRanger2503d ago

Sony just sent me an email saying that they cancelled the PS4 because they forgot to put the adjustable PS logo on it.
I'm serious! Kaz emailed me himself!

GenericNameHere2503d ago

I guess Sony also cancelled the PS3 Slim, huh? /herp-a-derp-a-derp /jk

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Why does the Dragon Ranger have those atrocious white markings?? Gross! Use an original still image from Zyuranger/MMPR, not that dream sequence from Dino Thunder!