How game streaming will change the way you play forever

It's actually quite a complex concept, including everything from Nvidia's upcoming portable games console - known as Project Shield - to the cloud-based GRID initiative, the GeForce Experience app on the PC and your Steam games library. It even includes PC graphics chips. Yeah, those hopelessly old-fashioned contraptions physically wired up to silly bits of board. Remember them?

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ApolloTheBoss2510d ago

Can't wait to see how this turns out. Sony will revolutionize gaming or Microsoft will utterly destroy it. It will all depends on who comes out on top and I've got my money on Sony.

abzdine2510d ago

Gaikai tech seems so powerful, and combined to PS4 and Vita we can have some mindblowing social and game streaming techs. you can play a game with a friend without earning it is quite an impressive thing to me!

BABYLEG2510d ago

You don't even know how gaikai will work but Sony will revolutionize while Microsoft destroys? At least we know that the Xbox will have a good OS from day one. We won't have to wait 4 years for features

S2Killinit2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

but we know that PS4 will have good games and xbox will have a few at the start and then give you the same games for the rest of the generation plus all that good OS you like so much plus a lot of applications you don't need and could get on your phone and PC.

Ju2509d ago

Xbox has a good OS? And you base this on the fake presentation they gave us?

Watch this:

This is a live demo, not something staged. Note the comment of the chick at the end of the video. "It will improve"

Live video is messed up, guide jumps like crazy, nothing runs smooth. MS is so far behind it's not even funny. But, hey, sure, they release this year, and then it'll work...

Take off the pink marketing goggles and somebody please start asking the tough questions.

wastedcells2509d ago

Microsoft and great os are rarely said in the pc world.

Tapioca Cold2510d ago

I hope u all realize this is going to cost you money. If you think this service will be free you re high.

In 3 weeks everyone is going to be complaining about psn. Wait and watch.

Supermax2510d ago

Great read and has a lot to do witness Sony and Microsoft marketing long term investments in the cloud.very soon your PC or console will not need to rely on the hardware in Italy the hard work will be done in the cloud,marketing the need to upgrade your PC or the life of your console a lot longer.

Supermax2510d ago

I've got my money on both and PC gameing,never count out one console maker for the other on competition is what leads to innovation in gameing.

extermin8or2510d ago

*sigh* the general internet is NOT FAST enough for most people to support this-it's all very nice to talk about what could/will be possible but the fact is very few people will actually be able to use the services discussed in the article :/

Supermax2510d ago

That's to bad for them,sigh

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The story is too old to be commented.