HD DVD player supply drying up - 'HD-A3 for less than $60'

Chicago (IL) – Average retail prices of the entry-level HD DVD player price saw a big drop on Thursday: First stores are selling the HD-A3 for less than $60. Data collected from also suggests that inventories are declining quickly, with less stores carrying HD DVD players every day.

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mighty_douche3867d ago

I gotta say, if i saw a HD-DVD player for like £30 I'd buy it in a heart beat, thats one cheap ass upscaling dvd player.

TriggerHappy3867d ago

What are you going to use it for when the movie releases seize ?

mighty_douche3867d ago

What DVD's?? Thats a good 10 years away yet, at best.

decapitator3867d ago

When you can get DVD players for 19 dollars ? :P

Whoooop3866d ago

to watch HDDVD's that are not on Bluray yet and God knows when they are going to release it.

HarryEtTubMan3866d ago

Get 'em while their hot BOTS!

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