Rumor: Here’s what to expect from the E3 Nintendo Direct

More speculation on what's to come from Nintendo at this year's monumental E3 expo.
Some of these are a bit more believable than others.
What say you?

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Benjaminkno2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

I might believe a little over half of what these rumors imply. That StarTropics rumor doesn't sound plausible. I don't even think Retro could get the rights to it, though I haven't even finished Zora's Revenge.
Nintendo looks like it's going all in with as much software as they can possibly muster either way it goes, specially for the holidays.

I sure would like to hear about a new StarFox or Metroid at some point.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )
"IGN praised the creative gameplay of StarTropics, calling it 'the natural evolution of the original Legend of Zelda.'"

>If true, maybe this is a Test to see if they can run Zelda. Miyamoto has joked that RETRO might do the Next Zelda.<

But like YOU said:
"I sure would like to hear about a new StarFox or Metroid at some point."

I agree. "Well Said"

or it could be "Raven Blade"

Raven Blade was a Retro project that got cancelled by Nintendo- I heard it was because the game looked better than it could play.

It was one of the reasons I bought a GC-
But MPs made me forget.

wampdog292498d ago

Nintendo owns the rights. It's a Nintendo IP and the the games in the series were both published and developed by them.

Moonman2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

Are you trying to give me a heart attack? haha

An all new 3D Metroid. :p *ahhhhhhh heaven*

Moonman2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

This all sounds awesome!!!!!!! But for Mario Kart U, I'm sure Nintendo has grand ideas for that!

kirbyu2498d ago

This would be awesome. I've never heard of Star Tropics so I hope Retro's game isn't that, but the rest sounds great.

PopRocks3592498d ago

Even if it is, it probably wouldn't be bad, you know. Retro's games are pretty stellar. I've yet to see them produce any crap.

wampdog292498d ago

You need to do whatever you can to play one of those two Star Tropics games. They really are great. It's such an old IP without any mention in years that a lot of gamers probably never played it. It definitely needs a come back. It would definitely fill the Zelda gap between games.

Realplaya2497d ago

No insult but how old are you?That game is a classic the story was great and it was a game that was rated up there with the old school Zelda games. I would recommend youtubing the game for footage. If Retro could get a hold of this game I could only imagine what could happen.

kirbyu2497d ago

I'll be 17 in September.

ziggurcat2498d ago

there's not much to expect when it's behind closed doors...

The Meerkat2498d ago

If only MS had done that last week.
I'd have rather stared at a closed door for 1 hour.

Summons752498d ago

Behind closed doors.....with multiple Nintendo directs about everything that will be at e3 and all the demos going to a bunch of best buys around the country for the public to view and an open conference letting the media get to demo the games while they give the conference while every other major conference will be a staged and scripted event.

Try hard next time.

E3 is going to be great for all company's this year

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The story is too old to be commented.