Insurgency Preview | FPS Guru

FPS Guru writes:

'Generally when a company attempts a Kickstarter campaign for one of their games, and it fails, you never hear about it again. Hell, often enough if the Kickstarter campaign succeeds you may never hear a peep about the game again unfortunately. Back when the “Insurgency 2” Kickstarter campaign failed around the beginning of the year, most people probably assumed that was the last they'd hear about it from New World Interactive. Fortunately that wasn't the case as NWI was able to get their hands on some private investment money and moved forward with the project. Now named just Insurgency rather than Insurgency 2, the basic premise is still the same. When asked about dropping the 2 from the name, NWI basically said that since the first Insurgency was never available for purchase as a standalone product it made more sense than a sequel. We were given a chance to participate in the early access sneak peek, which is basically the Alpha version of the game. So let's see what a failed Kickstarter campaign of what started out as a mod then built into a standalone product on the CS:GO engine has to offer. It's more than you'd expect.'

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