Xbox One Doomed to Fail for Forgetting Gamers?

Is Microsoft's Xbox One doomed to fail because of the reactions from the Xbox Reveal? Why is Microsoft focusing so much on the 'Entertainment Box' instead of focusing on gamer's?

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FrigidDARKNESS2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

Title is totally flamebait.
Video makes sense tho.

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Godmars2902510d ago

Flamebait? Getting the very strong impression he's defending them. Saying gamers are in the minority on the 360.

Which wouldn't have anything to do with them focusing on multiplayer.

And the BS about privacy? Let it happen because its already happening?

The presentation failed because it was so shallow. It not only didn't go into games it didn't go into any real technical details.

Cueil2510d ago

it was never about that... here is another way to look at it... from the game journalist prospective... that's 1 less hour they have to site at the Microsoft E3 press event listening to things that have nothing to do with games at the biggest games conference.

Godmars2902510d ago

And come the big game conference they're going to talk about the Halo TV series. And their media channels. And they're going to go into further detail on how much better Kinect 2.0 is when they should have done in the presentation prior.

GamingWorldPeace2510d ago

Godmars, is that what MS is going to do or that is what you wished MS is going to do at their E3 conference? Fanboys always amazed me with the things that are coming out of their mouths. You could be right but if you are wrong then there is a big crow burger waiting for you. The hatred for one company is unbelievable here.

Godmars2902510d ago


Does that mean you're amazed with yourself? Or at the very least do you think they aren't going to go to show a teaser for the Halo series? Have something with kinect on stage at E3?

That's the true mark of fanboyism: let someone who doesn't think as you do bring up something commonly expected, like a segment from a sizzle reel or a live stage demo and its only an attack on the system you support.

The guy in the video said its no big deal to let a company put a camera in your home because the government already has one on most street corners, and all you and others can do is defend such as asinine stance as if its the exact same thing. Like there is no difference whatsoever between a civil authorities actions which has checks an balances to see that its not abused - no matter how watered down that's become post 9/11 - and a company's "trust us".

But you are right - Its so sad what comes out of fanboy's mouths.

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fermcr2510d ago

It will sell to who wants a TV box. Gamers, probably not so much.

Aceman182510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

Turn about is fair play. this is payback for all those doom and gloom articles that kept coming up day after day after day when all the Microsoft fans kept on bashing the PS3 and its fans.

and don't act like it didn't happen, it you can't handle what y'all dished out earlier this gen don't bother complaining about it now.

personally i won't be buying the system, but its safe to say no console is doomed to fail this new coming gen.

ma1asiah2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

The trouble here is the hypocrisy that is running a muck.. When the PS3 went the all in one media route you guys were like YEEAAAHH. BUT the moment MS does the same with the Xbox One it is all doom and gloom and ohhhh poor old me they are forgetting me the gamer. One billion dollar investment in games let me repeat this ONE BILLION DOLLAR INVESTMENT IN GAMES for all those that are bit slow to catch on. How is this forgetting their core market that they have built up since the very first Xbox. Go hit the disagrees, go tell how me how it is all BS or PR spin in respect of cloud processing.

Go buy the PS4 if that is what you want no one is stopping you. But for me I might buy both yet next gen in my house will start with the X1 and nothing anyone here says is going to change that.

Aceman182510d ago


first i didnt hit disagree, and second dont speak about hypocrisy running a muck since 360 fanboys ran a muck on PS3 and its fans, so now that the shoes on the other foot no one should complain period.

as for them spending a billion of games big woop both nintendo and sony constantly spend money on games so this isnt surprising.

rainslacker2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Unlike most of the stuff that got pushed around during the early days of this gen, and later, these reports are actually real news that should be discussed by gamers because it has an effect on all of us. It should also be discussed without the console wars being brought into it.

I don't care who did what first. It's a chicken and egg argument, and it's very weak to just blame the other side.

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KingKelloggTheWH2510d ago

It's not as much forgetting gamers as it is them wanting to make a profit on every front.

Rusty5152510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

That along with the lack of privacy with the new kinect always being on. What if that shit gets hacked? We'll have a bunch of crazy muthfukas watching us and shit. It's not even that it's so bad that I don't want one, It's that I'm too creeped out about the new kinect. They could release 20 AAA exclusives, I'm talking rockstar, valve, and naughty dog quality, I STILL wouldn't buy it because of this. It's too creepy... This is going beyond "innovation". I'm personally not comfortable having a camera always on watching me in my home. Hopefully nobody supports this.

ma1asiah2510d ago

Do you guys worry about the lack of privacy, when you use a tablet or a laptop with a built in camera. You do realise that, that same camera watches everything you do while you are online just like the Kinect would.....what a bunch of paranoid idiots

Cueil2510d ago

Or maybe it has something to do with trying to make sure that if you buy the system you get more use out of it then just gaming. For real gamers they'll be playing their PS4's on their Xbox Ones while playing their Xbox One and looking up a Wiki on their PS4 game

rainslacker2509d ago

For real gamers, they'll probably just turn on the system and play their games. From my own experience, and anecdotal data, most gamers do not multitask large numbers of media and social functions while playing their games. The game typically takes front and center attention for the real gamer.

Cueil2509d ago

most gamer? You've got some scientific study on that... perhaps the older generation of gamers may be less inclined to do so, but the younger are clearly doing many things while gaming

CommonSenseGamer2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

Kinda like releasing gt6 on ps3.
Kinda like reducing activated systems down from 5 to 2
Kinda like forcing you to buy proprietary memory cards

MS and Sony are both in this to make money so don't think one is less profit driven than the other in that regard.

Hicken2510d ago

You really HAVE just become an anti-Sony troll.

How is GT6 relevant? It's the GT5 engine- built for PS3- so it makes sense for it to be on PS3. And they haven't ruled out a version for PS4, so...

What does reducing systems have to do with it? In fact, it's really only for new systems/accounts. They didn't forcibly remove old systems, so if you had 5 PS3s connected(not including PSPs or Vitas) before the change, and you didn't deactivate any of the consoles, YOU STILL HAVE THEM.

Who DOESN'T "force" you to buy proprietary memory cards? Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't EVERY manufacturer since the introduction of memory cards done that?

Finally, it's the difference in how the two companies go about things... something you apparently lack the common sense- ironic, huh?- to understand. If you can't figure out why people say Sony seems to be all about the gamers, and why they don't say the same of Microsoft, you're in the wrong hobby.

KillrateOmega2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

I hate to admit it, but it won't fail. Casuals and Xbox loyalists will eat it up.

The Xbox One WILL be successful, but I will not help it get there. It will not have my support.

MassOnesumis2510d ago

That could be a possibility but how casual are we talking about? Angry birds casual or Wii casual or COD casual?

from the beach2510d ago

Everyone other than hardcore haters will support it once it has a nice library of games.. I mean, that's the most important thing, right?

Imalwaysright2510d ago

Hardcore haters AND anyone that is aware of their rights as consumers.

from the beach2510d ago

Anyone who doesn't consider games the top priority, I guess.

Imalwaysright2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Absolutely. There far more important things than games which to me are nothing more than hobbie. I refuse to bend over to support the greed of multi billion dollar companies and in the process lose my rights as a consumer over some games even if it is my main hobbie.

from the beach2509d ago

Time is the important thing. Letting ANYTHING prevent you from using it to do your favourite thing is 'bending over'.

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Mikeyy2509d ago

Yeah you are right, My one friend is a huge xbox fanboy, and he's eating it all up. none of the DRM bothers him at all.

If it has Halo, he wants it.


Although I doubt the "one" has any real shot at winning the next gen over all, the TV gimmicks will work for a year or two, and then get old, and the only gamers they have are hardcore Fanboys and some casuals. All the policies and alienation will no doubt cause enough damage to guarentee they sell less then PS4.

Sony really has nothing to worry about next gen, so long as they stay the course and keep the games coming. MS has halfway switched itself out of the gaming market.

DivineAssault 2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

M$ can put out whatever games they want.. It wont change all the problems about the console.. Plus hes got a COD shirt on & a poster.. Thats all i have to say

CommonSenseGamer2510d ago

From a purely hardware perspective what are its problems, I mean really, what are they?

Imalwaysright2510d ago

He said nothing about Xbone hardware.

ltachiUchiha2510d ago

Its not the hardware that is concerning, its the restrictions & extra fees microsoft are trying to pull off that is the main problem.

DivineAssault 2509d ago

hardware is decent imo.. No problems there either.. Its the BS always on, the BS used fee, the BS kinect requirement, the BS full game installations, the BS not letting u use any headsets already owned, & their BS focus on entertainment as a whole instead of gaming.. All them resources used for a halo tv show couldve been used to make a new game..

SuicidalTendencies2510d ago

Let's hope so. Gamers shouldn't stand for the crap they're trying to pull.

ltachiUchiha2510d ago

No company should ever get away with this & since microsoft is the only one trying to do it then I hope it fails for them. Dont want them to ruin the gaming industry because of their greed.

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