Microsoft: Xbox One at E3 will be games, games, games

XMNR: Microsoft experienced a backlash from gamers following the Xbox One reveal event this past weekend that focused heavily on the other entertainment options being packed into the next-gen console. Director of programming Larry Hyrb answered some of the gamer concerns during his Major Nelson podcast Friday along with Operations Manager Eric Neustadter and Senior Developer Laura Massey.

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2501d ago Replies(8)
Mr_Nuts2501d ago

See now I would love to believe you guys but since you've lied again and again in the past I think your just saying this to calm people down, I mean you make out that Sony wont have games at their E3 conference.

Besides even if you have the best exclusives around you think were just going to forget about all the negative things your trying to do to the gaming industry with this console

NegativeCreep4272501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Even if Microsoft has the absolute greatest exclusive games OF ALL TIME for the Xbox One...yeah that alone is reaching further than Route 66...that still wouldn't overshadow their ridiculous dictator-rooted used game policies and DRM B.S.

xPhearR3dx2501d ago

Well, to be fair, if they're the greatest exclusives of all time, why would you buy them used and not day one? :P

DigitalRaptor2501d ago

Sorry, but you'd have to extremely naive or just ignorantly loyal to believe that used game restrictions are the only problems we know about with XB1.

adorie2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

At this point, and in my most humble opinion, Microsoft needs to focus on themselves, rather than comment on what Sony or Nintendo are doing.
As it is, they are in deep shit with the gaming community.

M-M2501d ago

They could announce 50 exclusives for all I care. I still wouldn't buy it based on what they're trying to do with their console and the industry.

Thepharaoh2501d ago

Yeah that's the upsetting part .The exclusives they announce could be innovative epic fantasy rpgs with incredible quests and combat,along with great character development and an incredible story.Crazy large scale space adventures that are mind boggling.modern day superhero games with destructible environments and a new take on the whole hero thing.Even if they announce those sort of games i won't be able to bring myself to support their rubbish

FAT MAN GO BOOM2501d ago

All the BS cable box stuff and the camera shoved down our necks and no more borrowing games off your friend....

You could put a golden pussy on this thing and it still would no be worth it....

Run away gamers... support this and wreck gaming as we know it...

2501d ago Replies(2)
dalibor2501d ago

Definitely agree. With new technology brings forth innovation but with that innovation there can be consequences as well. At least there are older systems out there to choose from. Now I'm definitely not going to sell my PS3. Will have something to fall back on as well as having my PC and older systems. One thing that these companies can never take from us is retro gaming.

ssj272500d ago

A golden pussy is tempting, I may fall for it! lol

4>1 simple maths logic...