E3 2013: 10 things we hope (but don't expect) will happen

There is much expected to come to light over the week of June 10 and almost every gamer keeping track of all the hype no doubt has his or her own wish list of what (s)he would like to see. News10's Game Guy is no different, though some of what he hopes to see he knows probably won't happen.

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TheSoundDefense2499d ago

My money's on Microsoft stubbornly staying the course. It's the Redmond Effect or whatever they call it, where everyone at Microsoft assumes the country is much more technologically affluent than it really is.

Myst2499d ago

We may as well wait for FFVII HD for the PS4 in fact I say we just do a 7,8,9 HD collection...

Tuxmask552499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

Yeah, good luck on the Microsoft stuff. I'll agree, though, about the Xbox One Gamer Edition. That's a great idea.

NextGen24Gamer2499d ago

The Xbox One has some seriously impressive specs, right? Although, as many fanboys have been quick to point out, they aren’t completely on par with PS4. So advantage Sony, right?

Not so fast. Microsoft seems to have some big plans for the Cloud with the upcoming system. In their words, Xbox One’s processing power is not fixed and not static- over time, the system will simply offload a lot of its computing to the cloud, leaving up more resources on the hardware for immediate computing. Effectively, the system becomes more powerful by being connected to the internet.

Boyd Multerer, the developer of the hardware on the next Xbox, had this to say: ”The last one, the box was fixed… but that Xbox One will have access to a growing number of transistors that are not that far away that will allow for bigger worlds, and take some of the things that are normally done locally and push them out.”

by pushing peripheral processes onto the cloud, the Xbox One will become more powerful over time.

Foliage2499d ago

Two things:

1) If a game is to take advantage of some sort of magical computational power that is on the "cloud"; it would have to be programmed to always be connected to the cloud. This means no benefit to single player games; it also further confirms the "always connected" rumours; which everyone is hoping is not true.

2) Cloud computing is more for storage; than assisting in computations; as it is restricted by internet speeds. America has some of the worst internet speeds; to the point where this magical offloaded computations could never work. Don't drink their koolaid. If they are banking on CPU assistance through the internet; look forward to more pop-in assets than the current gen... heck; get ready for AI characters running into walls and jammed in run cycles; or objects floating in the air; as there is a lack of physics.

It's just not possible in the current time.

The new Microsoft favourite term is "transistors"; it doesn't actually translate to anything useful. Just a crutch to disguise that their actual game affecting specs are not stacking up to the PS4. The magical infinite cloud does not magically make up for hardware short falls.

If you are banking on the cloud having such an effect; remember that Gaikai are in Sony's corner. Gaikai are leaders in that regard.

NextGen24Gamer2499d ago


You don't know what your talking about! If your internet connection dropped, the game would keep playing, but the added augmentations would be dropped...Game would still look and play 10 times better than the 360...

Oh, and it' snot magical..just because you don't understand the tech...its real tech and developers will use it.

Single player games would benefit...all you need is the console to be connected and BAM it can benefit from the extra computations that developers will use.

Cloud computing is more storage for the PS4, but Microsoft has built a 300,000 server cloud system that was made from ground up to augment games and make the console 3 times as powerful than without it.

My best friend is a developer...He is excited about being able to use the cloud to advance games...the extra power will be amazing! As more developers speak, you will soon be enlighted!

MRMagoo1232498d ago

You are so full of it Elite24gamer lmao, im close friends with the ceo of MS and they told me its a load of bs to get sales <----- although this statement is not true it is about as true as the BS you spin, i have been working with pcs for about 23 years now and i know for a fact this cloud gaming crap they are pitching wont work the way you think it will.

kirbyu2499d ago

A Mega Man Wii U exclusive would be awesome. I say make it, and have it be a crossover with Kirby.

SactoGamer2499d ago

Why Kirby? Why a crossover at all?

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2498d ago

With all of the crossovers Capcom has done I can see this happening.

Actually, I would like to see most of the Platforming Giants crossover.

Bomber Man
Mega Man

If they made 2D environments that had elements and secrets that could only be reached or explored by playing the level with each character it would be pretty awesome.

Not to mention adding in a combo system of some sort that would allow power combination.

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