Why Microsoft Is the Problem With Xbox One

Since the Xbox One's reveal, responses have varied from optimism, certain it will redefine console entertainment, to despondency, equally certain it is missing the entire point of a gaming console and abandoning the gaming community in favor of mass appeal.

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Arai2504d ago

Too much smokes and mirrors surrounding this console.
The damage is done already, if anything it only gets worse by the day.

E3 won't magically solve the problems Microsoft is having or the practices they are executing.

But in all seriousness I'd like to hear from the loyal Xbox fans here on N4G what they think about this all.

ltachiUchiha2504d ago

I totally agree with u mate, I mean I wouldve been cool if they didnt add all the restriction, extra fee bs aside but now im just like wtf were they thinking before they announced the xbox one? Its like they looked at its consumers as if we were stockholders instead of gamers. Smh

nix2504d ago

it must have sounded really amazing in their heads when they implemented these things - "we'll tell them things like your friend installs a game on your system, you don't have to run and buy the same game, it's already in your system, you just have to pay.. look at all the hard work we cut out for ya all."

but it all went south hill. lol.

everyday i wake up and find out that nothing has changed in the gaming world. people are still pissed with MS. MS is now blocking and blaming media.

what a week. what a week.

SHORYUKEN2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )


Hahaha. Agreed. This is the best week I ever had with internet news.

I was kinda huhhh????

What is going on... they actually sh*t in the fanboy face and xbone fanboys loving the dirty smell!


Agent_00_Revan2504d ago

I honestly don't think they thought out the whole used game fee thing, between retailers cuts and the second hand licence fee.

I think someone said, 'man, GameStop makes a Ton of money on used games. We should go around them and charge $45 ourselves and make that profit.'

And the Executive in the room said 'Genius! make it happen', and that was the end of the conversation. No discussing details and HOW they were going to make that happen. No thought behind if it could work and what they would need to accomplish to make it happen. I think they just saw dollar signs and ran with this idea without thinking it through.

Godmars2902504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

The implications of Kinect spying on families and even the online requirement mean nothing. Once the used game fee is killed and they show some games many who've blasted MS will be right back on their bandwagon.

Seriously, those smoke and mirrors are the same ones they've been using for years. The message this time around was just too much crap for them to cover up.

bicfitness2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

I think that the bigger issue for MS is how direly they misjudged the market. They're chasing after that "big screen" domination (T.V.), which is already on its way out. That's not how people consume media anymore, games included. Smaller screens, personal screens are ubiquitous, and you'd be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't have a smart phone or a tablet in NA.

Even me, a mid 30's "core" audio/ videophile with the latest and greatest Samsung Smart T.V. has no interest in sitting down in one particular space when I can move about freely and swap media at my luxury on a mobile/ personal device (Vita/ Tablet). The only reason why I'm getting a PS4 is because of its 'remote play on every game' feature. As strange as it sounds, I'll be gaming more via remote play than using the "traditional" console + TV setup.

Then there are people who have ditched the traditional medium altogether and moved on to these personalized screens entirely. MS won't win any of those customers back, because they simply don't consume their media that way any more.

MS invented a product for which there was no demand, and I don't think that even their heavy wallets can generate one. I GUARANTEE you that whatever console makers survive this gen, will be pushing a portable "all-in-one" lifestyle device next. Problem is the tech isn't quite there yet, but in 5-10 years it will be.

My $0.02

Edit: Interesting article, sort of on point with what I was saying:

GameCents2504d ago

No, what you'd like to do is antagonize people.
I'm a loyal Xbox fan but this console is a step too far and I will not be buying it.
I'm awaiting clarification from SONY about their used game policy, then I'll decide which consoles I'm buying this gen. So far it's Wii U only.

NeverEnding19892504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

"I'd like to hear from the loyal Xbox fans here on N4G what they think about this all."

You're going to have to change websites for that.

BitbyDeath2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Good to see you won't be getting the next xbox.
MS need to learn a lesson after all the crap they have pulled.

duli142504d ago

neverending had a change of heart ? :O I thought his love for Xbox would never end

DCfan2504d ago

Guess we might see trolls quit trolling after all.
"What a week, what a week"
-Someone on N4G

DonFreezer2504d ago

I would to see the loyal Xbox fans you're talking about since this site is the epitome of pro-Sony.

SpinalRemains2504d ago


Where were you during current gen launch?

This place was a sony hate parade.

ACEMANWISE2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Do not dismiss Sony from the possibility of these acts. This seems to be an industry change coming from developer demand. Don't forget Microsoft and Sony serve most of the same developers...developers that are also their customers.

Like us, they have demands. They are largely the middleman. In the case of Sony I believe they are standing one step behind Microsoft. I think they are waiting to see how the XboxOne plays out.

Sony did mention that the PS4 wouldn't exactly shutdown completely. It is indeed partially awake, enough to keep a video game in RAM. While I don't think they are listening, they have set their chess pieces into place.

As for PS3/360, both consoles are not that dissimiliar from each other. Both have cameras. Both require email addresses to sign up. Both have nearly the exact terms and condtions for their respective online services...and believe me, it's not good.

Both have camera mics as well as headset microphones. Both have DRM. Both have implemented used game online passes (an obvious developer decision but still allowed by both consoles).

Microsoft is a bit more evolved and it shows in areas where they have features where Sony does not. The Xbox 360 has face and voice recognition, something Sony can do with a software update and maybe an upgraded PS EYE.

Both integrate limits to content access. For Sony it's one download for movies, and two concurrent consoles for video games. For Microsoft online is attached to one account regardless of how many users are on a console.

The key idea is to make this uproar as loud as possible to hopefully deter Sony from taking any further steps. They have stated that there is a plan for used games that haven't been implemented yet so they may drop the idea if the impact of public pressure becomes too great.

Heck, this may be the first time in gaming history where gamers aren't seperated by petty differences such as console preference or brand loyalty. We may all be united under the common banner of just being gamers who want to play games. Let's hope that our voice is heard and puts a stop to Microsoft too. It would be a huge shame to have to play great video games under such conditions as those. Once we get it squared away we can go back to bashing each other's consoles. For now let's unite.

DCfan2504d ago

I had to disagree because you said somethings about the PS4 that weren't mentioned or confirmed.
Had to get that out.
But i agree with you on the other hand, for once in history, fanboys should unite and stop greedy companies, after all, we're all gamers with one passion. I hope the boycotting works... internet boycotts usually don't work

ACEMANWISE2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )


The comparisons I made were between the PS3 and 360. I should have clarified that. Helpful comment. Thanks.

Retroman2504d ago

"Abandoning the gaming "COMMUNITY" in favor of MASS appeal"

you read it yourselves MS down fall. neglecting one for another = GREED which in this case = FAILURE.


Why would Microsoft or Sony care if used games are losing sales for third party developers? Why didn't they care when developers wanted an online pass fee for used games to access online?

Was Sony or Microsoft the ones who watered down 10+ year old IPs to favor the masses? Or was it Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy XIII, Orange Box, and Resident Evil 6? The point I'm trying to make is who is really motivated to make these kinds of move?

If I were a console maker I'd want to distinguish my console from the others. Since exclusives are not common enough anymore, I'd have to find ways to make my console more appealing so that they may be drawn over to my console.

I'd try to make the biggest console base to encourage more developers to release games on my console first. That would be good for me since it helps my console sales. I'd need a product that forces the developers to be in need of me, instead of me needing them. That way I don't have to fork over millions of dollars to get them to put games exclusively on my console.

I would create features that make them happy like easy development, a secure platform, and security measures that may increase the numbers of copies they sold (like having each disc tied to an account). All I can do is find ways to discourage developers from wanting to develop games on other consoles. What better way than to offer them something like this?

Hey man, if you develop on my console I can make you 4x the sales per household for multiplayer games. How, you ask? Well the average household has four people. Mom, Dad, and two kids. If you create a game we can integrate a locking feature that limits one account per disc. That way you would have a potential situation where every person has to buy a copy in order to play together. With the other console, they allow one disc to be played with everyone in their family...on top of their friends. Do you want to keep your job and stick with us or do you want to share one disc with the world?

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GameCents2504d ago

I hope this console fails if they launch it as is.
I don't mind the tv content, I just can't take the internet and kinect requirements.

Muerte24942504d ago

get's mad at you, she'd usually have to bust up the entire console to break it. Now with Xbox One, she's only has to aim for the Kinect sensor lol.

OT: I honestly feel that if Microsoft shows some compelling games that they might become square with their core audience. You must hit the bottom before you can rise. I feel like as gamers, it's our duty to help them reach the bottom. Sony received this message loud and clear after the quote: "The next generation doesn't start until we say it does". Sony went from dead last to a healthy 2nd place, and approaching their 3rd console to hit 100 million sold.

KillrateOmega2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Just pick up that shovel and keep on digging MS, just keep on digging...

kenmid2504d ago

These articles are becoming tiresome, I didn't know that so many gaming website out there.

Errol James2504d ago

I wonder if someone at Microsoft reads all these blogs and takes notes.

ApolloTheBoss2504d ago

Not to me they're not. The more websites talk about this whole disaster with ms, the more people are bound to find out about it. Word of mouth is powerful thing.