The Alarming Nature of The Xbox One's Kinect Requirement and Usage

Microsoft's always-on Kinect should be a concern unless you enjoy the thought of advertisers knowing everything about your television and gaming habits.

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LackTrue4K2510d ago

With the advances of tech, things should become more ez and faster to use.
Not retrains/ asking for more $ on things that are basic on other products.

NewEra72510d ago

*gets Microsoft's paid audience and their co-worker crowd to applaud you from the reveal* Exactly.

Enemy2510d ago

Kinect 2, now equipped with ICU technology!

TBONEJF2510d ago

I hope it will release WORLD WIDE not JAPAN FIRST this time

Maddens Raiders2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

It's gotten to a point, where bashing or critiquing the XBOXONE isn't even necessarily participatory or satisfying in a way that one thinks they are helping to "educate" unsuspecting gamers to the traps that may lie before them with this unit. I mean there are so many article of confusion, disbelief, and outrage concerning this system (daily) now - and it's all so unprecedented - that you can't help but just stop and stare at this equivalent of a 99 car pileup on the interstate. It truly is historic... I've never seen anything like it.

Really all I do now is watch the XBONE news spin so far out of control to the extremes one way or the other that it's better than any reality TV show or bar game currently. That's right:

I'm watching N4G
along w/ the daily news of the XBOXONE that should be the XBOX3
the funny thing is ya see,
I do it all on ma PS3 for free!

No reality TV show touches this with a mile long pole.

Insomnia_842510d ago

You should've been here in 2006. It was the way around back then.

SpinalRemains2510d ago

Great post Madden. Oak fan here too btw.

This machine redefines greed and pushing the envelope of unchecked disgustingness.

XBO is the epitome of what gamers do not want. It is an insult and nothing more than a cash grab riding on the ignorance of some and past success.

dcbronco2510d ago

It's gotten out of control because people are gullible and others are greedy. The greedy ones take advantage of the uninformed gullible ones. Here's some information for the uninformed, your cable box has been reporting your viewing habits for years. Everything you watch live, record, how long you watch or how many times. If you fast forward pass the commercials. But the gullible will read something and go into the end of the world mode because they are ignorant of the facts.

I doubt that there are many jurisdictions that would allow MS to use Kinect to look around your house. If they were found doing that the victim would quickly get a huge share of the 63 billion in cash MS had left after last year. People please pay better attention in school. And watch more than Sci-Fi. If you did, you would know what a joke this is.

God I hate the tea party.

DeadSpaced2510d ago

In order to access the cablebox disguised as a gaming device, they're just expecting us to be okay with being watched all the time. Let me repeat that:


The right of privacy should not be blurred by fanboy lines. Hate Sony or love Microsoft, this should piss you off.

Polva2510d ago

It's scary to think that there are people who are okay with being watched as long as they get that precious TV and CoD #whateverthefuck.

4logpc2510d ago

20 bucks says you have a cell phone with a front facing camera thats always on.

dcbronco2510d ago

Scary to think there are people ignorant enough to believe MS can just ignore that law.

JsonHenry2510d ago

They told us that our appliances will spy on us. Not sure why some people still say we are being paranoid when the head of the CIA even admits to it publicly -

1OddWorld2510d ago

Ignorance pisses me off!
Begin rant...
Individuals gave up most of their rights long ago when they became trending sheep. Next time you download a free game for your Ipad or smart phone read what private info that app has access to. Now you want to get mad at Microsoft for treating a sheep like a sheep. Your smart phone has almost all the same privacy concerns as the new XB1.

Your location can be tracked.
Your info can be stolen by malicious software.
Your camera can be accessed remotely.
And your phone is always on.

I am not condoning what Microsoft is doing but if you have concerns about privacy you should have really voiced your concerns years ago.

I have tape over the camera on my laptop and will be buying a shutter for my PS-Eye. No one will see me in my birthday suit chilling on the couch eating Cheetos unless I want them to. /wink.

End rant...

Why o why2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

I standardly cover my laptop cameras AND disable the mics. Those things are auto enabled when you initially set up...with windows anyway.

Phone concern is definitely an issue, no doubt. I try not to install apps with unneeded permissions but I know there's still a huge leak potential. I wish I could go back to the old school nokias or any non smart phone. Damn you whatapp..

That being said I dont need to free up all of my freedom or privacy without a fight, so yes they will get you in the end but I dont have to let them use my own blood for lube. I can say no. IF all of these drm, plus icu issues are true I can do without inviting the devil into my house.....jog on mate

Testfire2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

I keep my PSeye and the webcam on my pc unplugged when not in use. I'm starting to use proxies for browsing. And I also close my shades on my windows at home. Its not a matter of being paranoid because I don't do anything illegal or shameful, but it's none of anyone's damn business what the hell I do. Not my neighbors, not the US government and sure as shit not MS. This reminds me of a famous Benjamin Franklin quote:

"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

If you replace safety with entertainment it fits perfect.

dcbronco2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

The real ignorance is that they would actually believe MS is watching them. If they were to put that in a user agreement it would be quickly noticed and they would lose most sales. If they were to do it without your permission they would be sued in civil court and the executives would go to jail. I doubt Steve Ballmer wants to go to jail.


The problem is far worse than Benjamin Franklin thought. Most Americans are ignorant of their rights. This falls under basic Constitutional law and these sheep don't know it. If they are incapable of having even the most basic understanding of the Bill of Rights, then maybe they do deserve to have their freedom taken away. I always find it funny when immigrants are asked to answer a bunch of questions most Americans couldn't to become citizens. The ever increasing number of sheep in this country are a clear sign that the glory days of the US are over. The sheep have won.

And statistics show many don't use Internet Security programs. So they are open to having there computer cameras hacked. Plus, security software is hacked anyway. Every company find viruses or trojans that they didn't know were there for years.

Aquarhane2510d ago

I just dislike kinect, i see nothing appealing about it.

Boody-Bandit2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

You are in the massive majority of CORE gamers. I don't know 1 gamer, and I know a ton of gamers, that has said, "You know, this thing is really kind of cool." Not one. It's a novelty with extremely short shelf life for a mainstream and hardcore gamer because of it's inaccuracy.

Even Kinect on the X1 wont work with mainstream or casual games. Other than voice communication or head tracking in racing games. If that weren't the case MS wouldn't have redesigned the standard controller to be 15% faster and more accurate for mainstream and hardcore games than their standard 360 controller is today. Input response time is all that matters when it comes to anything but casual gaming. That is why hardcore fight and FPS fans choose a PC monitors over a big screen LED or Plasma Display. To eliminate any input lag from the TV. The hardcore will do anything to have the fastest response time possible whether it's their internet connection, display or gaming peripheral they use.

rmedtx2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

I think that's an invasion of privacy.

See what this company is doing with similar technology:

Flashy2510d ago

Minority Report next..

KillrateOmega2510d ago

Another reason I'm so against the Xbox One: MS will always have an eye in your living room. Always collecting data. Always watching.

This should be a scary thought regardless of who you are.

We'll just have to see if they'll allow you to turn it off at times or when accessing certain applications.

If they don't let you turn if off ever, then that's complete bull and an invasion of privacy. I mean, it's not like you can turn it off at that point. The Xbox One requires it in order to function. You'll basically be forced to choose between letting them watch you or not utilizing the Xbox One at all.

4logpc2510d ago

20 bucks says you own some sort of device that is watching you most of the time. Laptop, cell phone, webcam.

KillrateOmega2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

Watching me? No.

For someone to be watching via my laptop's camera would require some type of virus or spyware. I already have sufficiently powerful and proven anti-virus and anti-spyware programs installed on my laptop. Did it Day1.

My cell phone isn't a smart phone. It can be closed. Besides, the camera is on the back, facing away from me.

I have no camera for my console.

Now, there is but one matter left to discuss: How will you be sending me the $20 that you owe me?

4logpc2510d ago

You have no idea if someone hacked into your laptop camera. Anti Virus and Anti Spyware fail all the time.

My point of the comment was, people complaining that they dont want something watching them all the time, already have some sort of device that does watch them.

KillrateOmega2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

"You have no idea if someone hacked into your laptop camera. Anti Virus and Anti Spyware fail all the time."

Not mine. For me to even have possibly contracted one to begin with would require to me to have visited a dangerous site, or at least one with poor security standards. I've learned this lesson the hard way in the past :(

"My point of the comment was, people complaining that they dont want something watching them all the time, already have some sort of device that does watch them."

But are ALL of them necessarily staring the person right in the face? And does already having such a Big Brother device make it okay to allow more?

4logpc2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

No it doesnt mean its right, but its just a topic that upsets me because people dont think. Most smartphones are now equipped with cameras, and all cellphones have microphones that are "listening and watching you"

Your xbox one wouldnt always be pointing at you. It would only be when you are using the console or watching the tv with it attached.

I just dont see why this is a valid argument.

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