Sizing up the console war – Xbox One dimensions revealed

While we eagerly await the official reveal of the PS4′s dimensions at the upcoming E3 press conference in June, here’s how we came up with the toughest competitor’s physical console size. The approximate size of the Xbox One was calculated by using the width of the USB port on the back and side of the console. You can then extrapolate the total dimensions of the box and if you thought it looked rather big, you weren’t wrong. It’s actually both wider and longer than the original Xbox 360 and also longer than the PS3 Fat.

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Thepharaoh3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

In what uninverse?

GamingWorldPeace3475d ago

In the Matrix. Xbox is the One.

mp12893475d ago

In the universe where size of the console matters O_o...its what i meant

ZombieKiller3475d ago

Despite how big the console is, 4 will ALWAYS be greater than one.

Arai3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

XO is really huge, what I don't get is how or why the console itself is larger than the Xbox 360.
It's an APU, power consumption is a lot lower than PS3/Xbox 360 were, meaning that they don't need an exotic cooling system.

If anything it should have been smaller, not larger.
Here's hoping the PS4 have an attractive design and a smaller chassis.

GamersRulz3475d ago

you know why MS built a huge box?

its called RRODphobia, just look at all those vents lol.

cl19833475d ago

I'd rather the extra space then the red ring.

LackTrue4K3475d ago

Any bigger and Xbox One will need to go on a Fiber One diet!! Why not get a PC instead?!

But if the ps4 was the same size or larger, I will praise the 5hit out of it!!!

Omar913475d ago

of course you would..

ltachiUchiha3475d ago

The original xbox was the biggest console out of them all. Remember the controllers? Felt like they were custom made for The Big Show.

Arai3475d ago

I know right, my girlfriend has one...I hid it in the closet because it's too ugly to look at.

Not the girlfriend, but the Xbox lol

ltachiUchiha3475d ago

Hahaha oh man your girl would kill you if she seen that post mate lol. I know what you mean. It was also heavy too. The original xbox was definitely the big foot of all consoles.

TheTwelve3475d ago

lol, I remember that Penny Arcade comic back in the day where they exchanged some dude's Xbox controller with a grizzly bear and he didn't notice. =)

GamingWorldPeace3475d ago

It is smaller than the Phat PS3 in height and length wise. I have the phat PS3 so it is not that big tbh.

raiden-493475d ago

Its a ok size for a new gen console like the ps3 and xbox where big but they both have slim models that show how as time passes technology can get smaller.

mrmancs3475d ago

Didn't know they could stack shi... Crap that high.... :-)

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The story is too old to be commented.