Pretty Much Anyone Can Use Free DirecTV Year Trial with Madden NFL 25

When information about it was first released, everyone pretty much assumed that the incentives to buy Madden NFL 25 were a screwjob, as they usually are with Electronic Arts. It seemed that the edition's chief enticing feature, a free year trial of DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket, would not be able to be used if you were able to access DirecTV in your home or apartment or wherever. And unless you're in an apartment on the wrong side of the building or are in a restricted dorm room, chances are it was available to you so you couldn't use the free trial. But it turns out EA and DirecTV are being nicer than we thought.

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CalvinKlein2503d ago

It was like that with the sub on ps3 last two years, but it cost 300$. They asked me if I could get direc tv and I said no and it worked. I know we can get direcTV here as we had it at this house long ago. I already preordered my madden anniversary to get the ticket. 100$ with a game, vs 300$ without a game. Ill take it.

mtorino2503d ago

Without this I wouldn't even consider paying for Sunday ticket. This may be the best deal ea's had

NoobJobz2503d ago

Honestly, I would have said the same thing. But after getting it for free last year, I plan on getting it every year for the foreseeable future. I highly enjoyed getting to watch the Seahawks every week here in Texas and not getting stuck watching Cowboys and Texans like I usually do.

Soldierone2503d ago

We got it free for leaving then coming back anyways lol.... never used it really. All the games we wanted to watch were on "local tv" so they were often blacked out anyways.

I wish they would do this with NHL GameCenter though. Kinda stupid the NHL makes you pay for Center Ice, but their app based service is an entirely different subscription......