Kinect will be Xbox One's game-changer, says Harrison

Microsoft exec says having camera controller standard will boost dev support, says content will be "more broadly curated"
Much has been made of the Xbox One's TV initiative, possible support for always-on DRM, and plan to discourage used game sales. But in an interview with VentureBeat, Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business vice president Phil Harrison put a special emphasis on the system's second-generation Kinect camera.

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ZodTheRipper2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

Yeah, it changed a lot ...but not for the better.
I'm not planning to talk with my console any time soon. Neither do I want a camera in my living room that is always connected to a companies server. And I'm sure people who visit me don't want their faces to be recognized by the system just that it can greet them the next time they come around.

Aceman182510d ago

Didn't they say the same thing about it when it launched on 360?

HammadTheBeast2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

Star Wars Kinect ftw.

Screw Battlefront 3, I wanna dance with Vader.

Its pitiful that the dancing mode was the only one that worked half right.

MaxXAttaxX2510d ago

Wait... he's not saying that Kinect is the Xbox One's trump card, is he?

rainslacker2510d ago

He's implying that it's one of it's trump cards. Most of the reasons he states are why a lot of people are against it though...namely the ability to recognize people, and constantly monitor the user/s.

But it's simple for the end I guess that makes it alright. /s

THamm2510d ago

If devs quit putting out crappy games for $60 then there would be no used game market. Publishers either lower your prices or quit buying reviews.

Mounce2510d ago

I think the literal title should be SLIGHTLY reworded to:

Kinect will be Xbox's One game changer - Aka, the truth. It's the only thing that will change how a game is played but that doesn't mean for the better. It just is a game changer, that's It.

Mr_Nuts2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

Boost dev support.....funny how I've saw more of a negative reaction from them then positive.

Besides least with the PS4 they wont force you to use Move in games but with Kinect being mandatory they will force you to use it...even with exclusives like Halo 5 in the future

GribbleGrunger2510d ago

It's odd that the internet is abuzz with concerns that Sony will copy the second hand strategy, but I find it funny how no one seems to be talking about how PSEye2 will probably be able to do the same thing as Kinect. Why isn't that conversation taking place?

TKCMuzzer2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

Because I think as far as everyone is concerned the PSEye2 will be optional and therefore not always connected.
The concern over Kinect is, that without it you can't use the Xbox one and it's always watching you, yes you.

Disagrees? really? He asked and I answered.
The concern is over how Kinect is being used, it's as simple as that

Ok , that's 2 disagrees, Microsoft have confirmed you need Kinect connected for the Xbox one to function or did I miss read it?

Daves2510d ago

But Kinect isn't optional, I'm guessing the PS4 system isn't designed around PSEye2

GribbleGrunger2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

It doesn't matter if using PSeye2 is optional or not, if it comes with every PS4 then the developers will add Kinect features where they can. It really is telling how people are so willing to believe that Sony will mirror the negative aspects of X1 but not the 'supposed' killer app. I'm just going to wait for E3 to find out.

TKCMuzzer2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

It doesn't matter if they add the features, YOU, the gamer, still has the choice whether the camera is connected to you PS4 or not. It won't be needed for any navigation etc , it will be an optional extra. Developers won't be forced to add it into games, only if they want to.
I get the feeling you want Sony to build it in and force people to use just to justify Microsoft's decision to do so.

I've owned most consoles including the current ones but some of the decisions Microsoft are making are strange, it's like they just can't leave you to play games and get on with it.

GribbleGrunger2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

'I get the feeling you want Sony to build it in and force people to use just to justify Microsoft's decision to do so.'

No, not at all TKCMuzzer. I want it to be exactly what you want it to be 'optional'. I don't want Sony to force anyone to do anything they don't want to. I'm just pointing out that this discussion could be taking place but instead we have people 'hoping' that Sony copy MS's ante consumer policies. It's as if they've excepted that they're going to get screwed but in order to make themselves feel better, they're wishing it on Sony fans too.

ziggurcat2510d ago

@ gribble:

why are people hoping sony copies MS's alleged anti-consumer policies?

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NateCole2510d ago

It's because people don't really care about it. Gamers at least.

wishingW3L2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

just for you:

On top of it if the Kinect breaks or your dog eats its cord then the console becomes a brick too. XD

sway_z2510d ago

I just read that link...thanks...that's awful!

It's like a damn dictatorship...I'll bet Robert Mugabi will love this console.

GribbleGrunger2510d ago

It would be suicide to implement that at launch, but not once they have a decent install base.

Daves2510d ago

Fact is I have zero interest on Xbone, so this is all irrelevant really.

GamingWorldPeace2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

If you are have zero interest, then why waste 2 bubbles posting on news/opinion piece about it?

2510d ago

People are misreading Gribble (just like I too first did).

He's not implying Sony should pull a Kinect, not at all.

What he actually meant is that, when faced agaisnt negativity, MS fanboys keep saying Sony could follow MS with anti-consumer DRM, since it's an open question, wishing Sony to fail just as hard as MS... Yet none of those corporation cheerleaders aknowledge that Sony is in position to actually do everything MS is doing as they had not finished revealing it, even the Kinect 2 features that some perceive as an advantge could all be done optional with PS Eye2. In other words, they only wish for Sony to follow MS in their own fanboy interest.

Ok, this was long and dull... I should just had said "friendly fire, don't shoot, he's one of us", that would've been funnier.

extermin8or2510d ago

Because it doesn't have to be connected, because when the thing is in standby mode its not still going to be listening to everything you say... Looking out for the phrase "console on"-still must process everything you say.... Sony weren't even sure originally if it'd be a separate sale or whatever..

nukeitall2510d ago

Because, we don't know if PS Eye 2 *will* be able to do what Kinect One does. Sony hasn't really shown anything related to it at all.

The main reason why Kinect hOne is able to do what it does is the combination of soje hardware, mostly software and being the leader in that space.

If the rumors are correct about PS Eye 2, then it won't even have HD tracking.

More telling is Sony had to implement a "lightbar" in the controller to detect the player, whereas MS implementation just does it with Kinect. So Kinect One has live proof (it's all over youtube), whereas PS Eye 2 has shown nothing and also indicated extra technology (lightbar) just to do the same.

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Godz Kastro2510d ago

Wow, I just made this comment a second ago. Check the tech videos on it. It's so accurate!

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