Will you buy an Xbox One at launch?

There’s a lot of negativity towards Microsoft and its newly revealed Xbox One games console/Entertainment system, but aside from all the bad press its receiving there’s bound to be a number of people who will be jumping in without a care in the world.

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FrigidDARKNESS2509d ago

Yeah its a awesome console to own.

ZodTheRipper2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

It could turn out to be a good console in the end but right now I can't think of anybody that wants this black box which screams identity crisis. Everyone I know who owned a 360 is looking forward to the PS4 at this point.

BattleAxe2509d ago

I will absolutely not be buying an Xbox One on day one or at any other time. I bought a 360 Slim last year for $100.00 from a friend, and it couldn't have been a bigger waste of money. PS4 is a day one buy, and PS Vita might also be on my list once Killzone: Mercenary comes out.

SHORYUKEN2509d ago

@ Frigid

We are jumping out and what about you?

There is still time for you to think. I hope you wont regret it.

kreate2509d ago

i'll buy it one day... when the games already came out and are $20 bucks. and the console cost $200 bucks.

i'll horde a few xbox live cards in case i want to play with the few friends who only play on xbox. of course this is years later.

Peppino72509d ago

I only bought a 360 at launch because it came out a year earlier. Now I have no desire until a price drop and a decent number of games at a lower price.

indysurfn2509d ago

will I buy a xboxone ever would be a NO!

If you had asked if I would buy one at launch last you I would have said heck yeah.
Here is the thing to not miss. Microsoft has been talking about doing this for TWO YEARS! They keep getting told NO, by the consumer. They did it again, trying, and retrying to get it past the revolt to warm us up to the idea of not having full ownership of what we paid for(and not renting). Will we eventually fall for it? I HOPE not.

But if you change your mind because Microsoft once again changed their mind consider this. Remember all those updates we have on the current systems? Ever read them? Terms and conditions can change at ANY given moment WITHOUT NOTICE. Failure to accept the new terms, and conditions, then your system will NOT be updated, and you will not be able to play on your system until you do.

Reguardless, you still can only go to monopoly approved price fixing retailers Like EB!

So say we fall asleep(let our guards down), and millions people have bought the system, and THEN Microsoft does a update, and from now on your trade ins require a fee is paid, either by you are the buyer. Or Microsoft, make the 'periodic' internet checks more frequent. They already got you! Then it will be a MAD RUSH to the retail store to trade in your xbox(one) before it is only worth $25!!!

Don't let companies take pot shots at you without holding it against them permantly. They are doing JUST like they did trying to trick us into going to war in Iraq!

Remember Sony is watching, and they have not totally committed to not having a fee for saling your game, if we let Microsoft have our money for being fools they Sony will have to charge to compete! If you sell yourself out why should you expect Sony to let Microsoft be the only company to gash you for money.

Plus they still require a internet connection to watch tv, or play a game. Are you kidding me, am I the ONLY person that noticed that you will have to have active internet watch cable, or satellite TV!

Right now when my internet goes out my cable tv still works! If I get xbox one when my internet goes out, or modemn I can't watch tv! I think this is a deal that Microsoft STRUCK with the ISP's (just speculation) to get monopoly(ops exclusive) content!

Plus they will have invations of privacy type sight into your living room!

Kevin ButIer2509d ago

Ill wait to E3 to make my mind

Anon19742509d ago

There's just no way I'm going to buy a console that by design will try to block me from playing the games I've already purchased if certain conditions aren't met. Has the industry learned nothing from what happened with Simcity and Diablo 3? Even without the asinine used game policy this is a time bomb waiting to go off. There's no way I'd spend money on this especially after my experience with the 360 hardware.

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jocomat92509d ago

I think this sums up my answer.....(and most true gamers).

Nocando2509d ago

Oh, my word. I just discovered I am not a "true gamer". Sweet christ what does that phrase even mean?

NoobJobz2509d ago

It means that your gaming tastes don't match his and he has decided that his gaming tastes are superior. He is a "true gamer." Everyone else is a "fake gamer."

Yeah, I don't know either.

jocomat92509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Actually by true gamer, I mean people about games(surprise!)... & stick up for the basic freedoms that we as gamers have had since the beginning. That being in reference to the abolishment of used games (via the fee), always online, & other aspects of this disgusting conquest Microsoft is perpetuating just to put more money in their pockets (at the expense of 'true gamers'). Real gamers don't pertain to any specific console, but keep going, these comments built on ignorance and presupposition of my OP are hilarious! Gotta Love N4G!

theaceh2509d ago

Do you guys really think Microsoft has been remotely serious about gaming, ever?! The whole idea behind the xbox brand has been to place a multimedia box in peoples livingrooms, using video games as a trojan horse. This has been the gameplan since 1999 acording to one of the original xbox system designers that was interviewed by gameinformer a few months back.

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NextGen24Gamer2509d ago

Which would explain why the Xbox One is #1 on Amazon most wantd in the USA & UK! LOL...Sony fans are hilarious! Just because you speak the most and you speak the loudest, doesn't mean you represent MOST GAMERS! When the 360 launched we heard the same BS over and over again, but yet the 360 outsold the ps3 in USA & UK...Same as the xbox one will do this next generation TBH. Like it or not, People are excited to get the Xbox One! Everyone on my friends list on Xbox Live is talking about it and can't wait for it to release. Not one feels like the few of you who talk LOUDLY on these type forums. Can't dispute FACTS!

#1 in the USA and #1 in the UK

Tody_ZA2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

There's a weird bit of troll there on that Amazon page. The PlayStation 4 is sitting at number 4 with a release date of "March 31, 2020"


The Xbox One release date is "31 December 2013".

Neither has been confirmed, and even if that "2020" release date is just a typo, no one said March. Sounds like someone on Amazon trolled the PS4 quite hard.

Genuine-User2509d ago

Funny enough my friends list is the total opposite. Nearly everyone on my xbox live wants to get a PS4 first day and maybe Xbox one down the line.

TKCMuzzer2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Here is a FACT for you, it's most wished for, not most wanted.

Lol, you disagree, here is the link again for those disputing a FACT

Note: 'Wishlist' in the text. If you are basing your opinion on facts, it's important yourself to get the facts correct, that's all.

NextGen24Gamer2509d ago


I'm not saying that your lying and you are really a sony fan who doesn't even have xbox live, but....

That doesn't explain why the Xbox ONE is #1 in the USA & in the UK on after all the doomsday pictures that Sony Fans are tryng to Paint!

Interesting to say the least wouldn't you agree! LOL

HammadTheBeast2509d ago

It's pretty much only because Xbox has a console model to show. Please, bookmark that link for June 10th.

Tody_ZA2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Elite24Gamer, I don't think it says much to be honest, at this point in time. It's natural that interest will dramatically spike after a reveal event and after every single website, ad on television, and spoken about topic is the Xbox One.

You must remember that the PlayStation 4 was back in mid-February. I'm sure after its reveal, it was sitting at number one on many wishlists as well. Pre-order interest definitely was sky high once it became available.

Peeps just forgot about it, and hype has died down until E3, and that whole list will change after E3, where all the next-gen games revealed will get added to it. I'm sure many of the games on that list will get replaced by next-gen ones and new IPs.

It's just a wish list, no indication of sales or pre-orders or genuine interest on there.

Many people add things to their wish list if only to track the release date or updates of the product. And of course, with Xbox One the big thing in the news right now and only just revealed, everyone would want to track it and show interest.

Even me, despite disliking the Xbox One reveal event immensely, and being very frustrated with the lack of clarity on anything, and so far having the PS4 as my console of choice, I'm still following every single update on the Xbox One and reading about it daily. Partly because I'm a gaming journalist and partly because I'm just a gamer with interest in the topic and love for gaming.

I mean, would you say that because in the last week I have read nothing gaming-related besides topics about the Xbox One, it means that I'm more interested in it than the PS4?

It's the recency and hype effect. So I don't think it says much. That's just my opinion.

NextGen24Gamer2509d ago


I disagree. It says A lot. You wish it didn't say much for what ever reason you have.

A. To put it on your wishlist you have to have an active Amazon accout.

B. When people add things to their wish list, it's because they wish to have it and as soon as you can purchse it, they intend on purchasing it. You don't have to put anything on your wishlist to get information about something.

Wish List is EXACTLY that! Don't try to under play it. People like me, add it to our wishlist because we Want ONE! And as soon as I can purchase it, I will be notified via email!

Right now, its #1. Which means that more people WISH for the xbox one RIGHT NOW, than the Ps4. That's the cold hard truth and I'm sorry if it goes against your console of choice.

I'm just glad I'm getting both and I can play and enjoy the games I want to play!

Tody_ZA2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

I'm not sure what your agenda is, it really doesn't bother me if the Xbox One sells well, because console wars aren't what I'm interested in, only games and the system that works for me, which right now seems to be the PS4. So I'm not sure why you're making assumptions about me "wishing" it didn't say a lot and implying that I want the Xbox One to do badly. I don't.

You're making an assumption. Even a pre-order doesn't mean that someone will buy a product. I have friends that used to pre-order like 6 games at once, and only end up buying one. So how can a wishlist imply definite intent to purchase? I've wishlisted things I've never looked at again.

Furthermore, I don't believe that items like Tomb Raider (from 2012), Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix - Limited Edition, or Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D would still feature on the top 20 wished for items in two weeks time, after all the next-gen games get revealed.

It gets updated daily, no? They will all get replaced.

Right now, every single online retailer has Ads for the Xbox One, and is telling you to follow the latest updates on the machine. Back when the PS4 was revealed, every single ad was about the PS4, and once pre-orders opened, retailers like ShopTo said that the PS4 "trebled" their traffic, and saw "unprecedented demand", with it being "the most successful console pre-order to date" in the retailer's seven year history.

Here's the source:

I'm saying it's simply a natural process. Three months later, the PS4 is naturally under the radar now. That's how it works.

I'm sure once pre-orders and such open for the Xbox One, it may even see huge success there as well.

The only point I am arguing, is that it would be wrong to try and talk about "fact" from something that isn't inherently factual.

If you were supplying us with pre-order information or a survey of some sorts to show interest, then perhaps it's better information. A wish list is a short-lived thing.

Do you really think a title like Grand Theft Auto V, one of the biggest games in this entire industry, would sit at number 14 on the wish list in a few weeks time? No, as soon as they reveal that game at E3 or whenever, and show game footage and previews start rolling out and the hype begins, it will skyrocket in pre-orders and interest.

Remember, Grand Theft Auto IV annihilated all manners of sales records, selling 3.6 million in a single day, 6 million in a week ($500 million in sales) and has sold over 25 million copies worldwide. So GTA V will dominate lists once it starts getting hyped for real.

That's what I'm talking about. It's the recency and hype effects.

Let me stress again. It really doesn't effect my life how well either console does. I love whatever system works for me and love gaming, so that's what matters to me.

I simply think you're trying to read a bit too much into something that is dramatically flexible and subject to change daily, and you can't call it a fact.

Information shouldn't be used dangerously.

Unfortunately I won't be able to reply again, as I'm out of comment bubbles, but please just understand I have no vendetta against the Xbox One or people who love it simply because my console of choice is different. It doesn't matter to me.

I just don't agree with the information you're trying to sell as fact.

falviousuk2509d ago

Its also the number one pre-order on in the UK, PS4 is at number 2 position.
SO i guess people do want it, regardless of what everyone on here rants about.

I have my pre-order allready down and looking forward to messing about with the console.

Jaqen_Hghar2509d ago

yes because a couple days after its reveal compared to 3 months after Sony's is fair...

A man knows it doesn't look great so it's hard to believe this right now but this is the honeymoon period for this console. When that period ends (August or so for both since they'll have their big E3 boost) we'll see.

twinspectre2509d ago

Who cares about merica
you should try to give a look WorldWide Sales :)
Xbox One is for Casual open ya DAMN EYES dude

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TKCMuzzer2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Really, have you got one?

Right, if you have a disagree explain yourself. The comment in question stated it was a great console to own, speaking in the present, meaning he most own one to make the comment.

I'm off to lagged out on COD.

Eddie201012509d ago

Bought a 360 at launch.

Will I buy an Xbox One at launch?

NO, and NO.

Will I buy a PS4 at launch? Probably.

indysurfn2509d ago

FRIGIDDARKNESS that agree I gave you was a miss click! So take one away for my sake!

NewZealander2509d ago

despite all the fuss thats going on, yes day one for me!

i love new tech, and in the end im sure things wont be as bad as everyone is speculating.

my main frustration is people being so caught up with how they showed TV and other content features, what they showed looked great, and when so many sony fans complained that ps3 didn't have a simple feature like cross game chat, how will they react when they realize that swapping content on the fly could actually be pretty cool also?

i want as many features in the box as possible, yes i love gaming, but also love gadgets that can do cool sh1t!

so the box has been revealed, ill wait for more info at E3, this world has too many negative people :D

im clearing a spot under the TV as we speak ;)

GezForce2509d ago

Hell no! I wont support this anti-consumer spybox


DiRtY2509d ago

I preordered mine the day after the reveal. Quantum Break and CoD Ghosts are preordered with it.

Aceman182509d ago

For me no I'll use my money to buy both a PS4 and Wii U. If someone gifted me a "box" I've have no problems accepting it I just wouldn't use the camera for it.

If I can't get one gifted I'll wait about 3-4 yrs plus price drops before thinking about buying the "box".

Retroman2509d ago


damn. phil harrison and major nelson really trying hard to swindle blind minded unknown gamers.
like Madea would say "HELL TO THE KNALL" HELL NOOOOO

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angelsx2509d ago

Xbox360 box look much better thex xboxone box.

ElitaStorm2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

to be honest waving is not my thing

that is just me..

NoobJobz2509d ago

What if I wave to you on the street? How rude.

ElitaStorm2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

lol i dont mean like that

but a warm smile is the universal language of kindness

ape0072509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

not at exactly at launch but definitely afterwards, sooner rather than later

Joey08012509d ago Show