Microsoft Unhappy With Inaccurate Reports On Used Games

Microsoft has made an official statement expressing frustration at how "inaccurate and incomplete" the reports game journalists have been making regarding the topic are. Why are they blaming us?

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Joey08012505d ago

If they are so "Unhappy" why they dont speak about the damn thing for once, everytime the press brings it up their answer is " more details at a later date" F that.

GamersRulz2505d ago

I can bet my arm, that MS initial HW design evolves around constant always-online connection. they just tuned it down a little bit after Adam Oarth twitter drama. at the mean time the company is in chaos after Used-games fees reactions and there are conflicting decisions internally.

Even MS doesn't know what to do now, they are waiting for the higher ups to make a final decision.

Sanguoir2505d ago

I actually wondered at the time if Adam Orth's comments were a way of testing the waters regarding always-online.

It would be pretty lame if he was told to start that little troll war and then got fired for it.

kreate2505d ago

what gamersrulz said is the most likely of the current situation.

that's probably why they made a initial announcement before E3 so that they can get feedback from the public.

BattleAxe2505d ago

Microsoft has nobody to blame but themselves. They tried to put on a smoke screen, and they weren't clear with their policies from the start. Pretty stupid if you ask me.

kneon2505d ago

I'm sure you're right, it looks like all the earlier rumors were true. Now the only question is what aspects of the console can still be changed.

The hardware is certainly fixed and can't be changed at this point, but DRM is software based and they can change that, if they could only make a decision as to what it is they want to do.

The misinformation comes from Microsoft underestimating the negative reactions to their plans and now they don't know how they are going to pull back on their plans.

xxLuckyStrike2505d ago

Greedy bastards run that show, they might lose out on a nickle. Sad times for the Xbox brand

garos822505d ago

This is a company that fires it's own staff for telling the truth.not defending Adams moronic Twitter diarrhea but essentially there was some truth to his ramblings.

AngelicIceDiamond2505d ago

@gamers "Even MS doesn't know what to do now, they are waiting for the higher ups to make a final decision."

Allow me to come up with an answer for them Nooooo. They shouldn't even be thinking of this policy in the first place.

r1sh122505d ago

@GamerRulz - lol...hardware design and always online has been toned down? LOL.
You realise its all digital, so on and off are the only 2 options.
1 = On, 0 = Off.

Many people are making assumptions without knowing everything.
I do agree that MS are pretty stupid, the reveal they talked more about TV integration rather than games...
But maybe they are using e3 to announce more? - who knows, time will tell

@Joey0801 - 100% if MS are unhappy at the inaccurate reports, why dont they speak up and clear it all up..
Such clowns sometimes. I swear all the bad decisions at MS stem from Steve Ballmer ..

He needs to go.

Anyway after E3 is when Ill be making my decision on whether I am buying the xbox

V0LT2504d ago

Can I have your arm if you lose it?

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fermcr2505d ago

"Microsoft Unhappy With Inaccurate Reports On Used Games"

It's their fault. They don't come clean to what their console does and doesn't do. What the hell are they hiding?

bigrob9042505d ago

the thing is everything people are saying about used games is true. the only thing they are trying to do is use some word play. see they are trying to say that you can have used games, which is true, but they are not being elaborating more because they know we are not that stupid. what they fail to realize is they already have a response from phil harrison on what it does. for instance, if i bring a game over your house we can plau that game just fine, as long as i long into my account and give you permission. but lets say i go home and let you keep the disk there but you are not using my profile anymore because obviously i'll use it when i get home, well this is where the problem comes in. in order for you to continue to use this game you have to go to the store and buy the rights to play that game on your system. so translate that to buying a used game. sure someone can trade there games in, but you have to pay the fee that say gamestop is charging, then pay again when you get home because somebody else has already had that game disk and own the rights to play it. this is from their lips, we are not making this up.

Nicxel2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )


"sure someone can trade there games in, but you have to pay the fee that say gamestop is charging, then pay again when you get home because somebody else has already had that game disk and own the rights to play it"

Thing is, when you install or whatever a game to your XboxONE, there is a digital code attached to it that shows you own the game and is regularly checked (every 24hrs I think). So if you were to return that game to gamestop, there would be a deactivation of that code through the Azure Cloud. Meaning that your installed game information on your XboxOne would be wiped clean as if you never had that game (might just be the code that's just deleted, can't remember if it includes achievements/saved progresses/ect).

So If someone else bought that used game, they only pay the fee gamestop charges. And once they install to their XboxONE there wouldn't be a second charge since the server shows no other console with that activation code.

That's from reports and interviews I have seen and read.

Rhythmattic2504d ago


The only reason games will be available on Blu-Ray is to allow people with slow/capped internet quota's to install a large 20+ Gb game..

It doesn't take much data to give permission/authorise a large installed file on a console/PC over the net... Even a 28k modem would be able to do it.....

It Dreams to be Steam, but with much higher game pricing & a subscription for MP.....

BTW, I bet the halo series is an extra cost on top of the gold subscription... Anyone?

Bercilak2504d ago


In that case, I'd ask why Microsoft needs to track every purchase and sale transaction of every game? And does Gamestop get a piece of that used game registration fee for providing its transaction information to Microsoft? Or does it pass that cost on to us, making their used games more expensive?

Are you comfortable with any of the above? I know I'm not. Any way you slice it, these are draconian steps for a corporation to take--and *highly* intrusive in the personal lives of consumers (to say nothing of the always-connected Kinect and the daily "check-in" with Microsoft's servers).

I've owned several 360s, but I will never own an Xbox One and I'll convince as many people as I can not to buy one.

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rainslacker2505d ago

The reports are reporting what they said. If they're unhappy I think it's all on them. Can't blame the reports for trying to make sense of it all...technically that is what journalism is supposed to do.

MikeMyers2505d ago

Pretty much. It's Microsoft's job to clarify but so far all they are saying is they are working on the details which of course isn't any clarification.

I hope they don't spend a great deal at E3 explaining all the fine details, it's supposed to be about the games. They need to release an official statement beforehand.

GamersRulz2505d ago

MS reports were like a girl that wanted to apply an eye-liner but ended up poking her eyes. lol

SilentNegotiator2505d ago

Phil Harrison, Microsoft VP, already opened his fat mouth and said everything that they plan to do with their insane DRM:

-full price used fee
-account lock
-friends can borrow using your account

If anything of that is inaccurate, fire Phil Harrison for incompetence.

Godmars2902504d ago

How is it that Harrison hasn't been exposed as a spy?

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Retroman2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

MS trying their best to clean this up lol too damn late. it is what it is.

Phil Harrison, Major Nelson has spoken.

i believe if the fans was blindly went along with this crap MS phil harrison an major nelson would'nt said shit. so now they trying to salvage there mistake simple as that.

Retroman2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

im sitting here drinking beer and BIG buzz i still dont believe this shit haaaaa

I hope SONY is reading all this so when ps5 comes out they know better not to try this shit.

waltercross2505d ago

I'm drinking Cisco and Four Loko and buzzed and I to still can't make sense of this! LOL

Gh05t2505d ago

Sony hasnt said they arent doing any of this. The only thing Microsoft has said that Sony is not doing is the 24 hour check in (As far as I have read). But Sony has not been clear about its games and if its tied to an account or not. In that since it worries me that Sony hasnt come out and claimed that they dont have anything different planned for Used games than we already have, just to stick it to Microsoft and start stealing even more customers.

I am not trying to say Sony is going to do the same. I am just saying that Sony hasnt been forthcoming about it either and that worries me too.

bigrob9042504d ago


the fact that they have to release a statement sying they are not doing this stupid crap just because microsoft decided to is outrages. if i was sony i would come out at e3 and be like "we didn't say anything about it because we felt no need. we thought it obvious we are not stupid enough to take away your ability to trade in games properly or make you have online.

indysurfn2505d ago

Here is the thing to not miss. Microsoft has been talking about doing this for TWO YEARS! They keep getting told NO, by the consumer. They did it again, trying, and retrying to get it past the revolt to warm us up to the idea of not having full ownership of what we paid for(and not renting). Will we eventually fall for it? I HOPE not.

But if you change your mind because Microsoft once again changed their mind consider this. Remember all those updates we have on the current systems? Ever read them? Terms and conditions can change at ANY given moment WITHOUT NOTICE. Failure to accept the new terms, and conditions, then your system will NOT be updated, and you will not be able to play on your system until you do.

Reguardless, you still can only go to monopoly approved price fixing retailers Like EB!

So say we fall asleep(let our guards down), and millions people have bought the system, and THEN Microsoft does a update, and from now on your trade ins require a fee is paid, either by you are the buyer. Or Microsoft, make the 'periodic' internet checks more frequent. They already got you! Then it will be a MAD RUSH to the retail store to trade in your xbox(one) before it is only worth $25!!!

Don't let companies take pot shots at you without holding it against them permantly. They are doing JUST like they did trying to trick us into going to war in Iraq!

Remember Sony is watching, and they have not totally committed to not having a fee for saling your game, if we let Microsoft have our money for being fools they Sony will have to charge to compete! If you sell yourself out why should you expect Sony to let Microsoft be the only company to gash you for money.

Plus they still require a internet connection to watch tv, or play a game. Are you kidding me, am I the ONLY person that noticed that you will have to have active internet watch cable, or satellite TV!

Right now when my internet goes out my cable tv still works! If I get xbox one when my internet goes out, or modemn I can't watch tv! I think this is a deal that Microsoft STRUCK with the ISP's (just speculation) to get monopoly(ops exclusive) content!

Plus they will have ILLUMINATI sight into your living room!

Narutone662505d ago

That's karma, now they should know how Sony feels when all the "game journalists" paid by MS thru ads were spreading lies about the PS3 back then.

MysticStrummer2505d ago

They're mad that Harrison and Nelson were accurately quoted.

DonFreezer2505d ago

Freaking ps drones you are the epitome of stupid.How the fuck Microsoft did something like being pressured by the developers and Sony didn't do something more alike?When Sony announces the same policies I will wait for your comments.

MysticStrummer2504d ago

PS4 is never required to be online so having the same policy as MS is completely out of the question.

I'm assuming you're talking about used games...

If not, never mind. : )

McGamer2504d ago

There is a reason that patience is a virtue. Besides, regardless of what XBO or PS4's stance is on used games, neither can be bought until the fall anyhow so worrying about it right now is pointless.

imdaboss12504d ago

wtf M$ is the one who came out and tell us that their will be a fee to play used games ,,Phil Harrison stated that..and now you guys want to blame the press fuk u guys ms

3-4-52504d ago

They would be accurate if we had a Micosoft source giving us a 100% clear answer.

They bigger they are, the less responsibility they take and the more they shift blame.

They are such a predictable company....I love the 360 but I'm not putting up with this crap.

They would have to completely wow me with 5-6 amazing "best ever" type of games for me to buy one of these cable boxes now.

madpuppy2504d ago

"If they are so "Unhappy" why they dont speak about the damn thing for once, everytime the press brings it up their answer is " more details at a later date" F that. "

A later date means when everybody buys one and the first person go's to trade in the first game....

Mounce2504d ago

That or they usually neither confirm nor deny it and keep facts in the clouds because they love dabbinng in all measure that could potentially get them more money.

American business is like this when it becomes inflated and to this degree of arrogance. Those kind of companies prefer misinformation and bullshitting as much as they can while being subtle about it as possible. Confuses the casuals, enrages the hardcore, stupefies the people who like to research and causes disbelief to those who trust in a company to not be a giant douche.

2504d ago
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wishingW3L2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

but why do they say that it is inaccurate? All the info came directly for Phil Harrison and Major Nelson!

Sanguoir2505d ago

They don't seem to be concerned that the inaccuracies came from them, only that they are inaccurate.

Why o why2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

Wasting time saying things are inaccurate....... too sexy to set the record straight instead. C'mon.

Clarify and kill the misinformation IF it is indeed misinformation or continue to say nothing... half stepping is just fueling the flames

M-M2505d ago

It's no one's fault be theirs, all they have to do is come out and tell the truth.

BoNeSaW232505d ago

They did tell the truth. That's why everyone is pissed.

Now they are saying "We will disclose more information in the near future." Because they are scrambling to change their shitty policies.

Starbucks_Fan2505d ago

This is getting so confusing

forum672505d ago

Taking 12yr old kids comments seriously causes it - aka Sony Fanboi.

stuna12505d ago

If you want a Xbox1 get one! But don't blame it on Sony fans for Microsofts incompetence.