XO Fears Unfounded: Gamestop Reps Claim Microsoft Issues New Statement

RealGamerNewz brings an exclusive Gamestop inside leak as well as covers some of the major details being discussed about the Microsoft XO (Xbox ONE) as well as other Industry Events currently taking place on the forefront of next-gen technology's debut.

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FrigidDARKNESS2499d ago

Of course they're unfounded wasnt true at all. Just a bunch of propaganda by the media before finding out the facts.

slampunk2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

Used game debate....Oh boy... In Australia, EB games (Au game stop) are a complete rip off for selling used games and they give you next to nothing when you sell them a game....far better to sell on eBay and far cheaper to buy new games online than buying new from EB.....

If you game on PC (steam) then you're used to games being linked to your account.....

The only issues would be if you want to loan a game to a friend which wont be possible anymore and it may lower the selling price of a game you no longer want, as the next person will have to pay the fee (whatever that is)....I hardly do this anymore as most of my gamer friends will have the same games as me anyway.

The main thing I'm happy for is that developers will make more money, which makes games more profitable, and which hopefully, will spawn more games for us, the consumers......

illtownNJONE2499d ago

the whole used game issue is no big deal for me

SpinalRemains2499d ago

Its a huge deal for those who play thru 3 or 4 games a month for 17 bucks.

Now, for the same experience, they have to spend 180 bucks for the same 3 games.

Its a very very awful game changer.