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Presented in a dark and presumably abandoned old warehouse on Shoreditch High-Street, London, on Thursday afternoon, I got my hands on with Naughty Dog’s next game The Last of Us ahead of its June release.

By Vaughn.H

While the moss-covered bricks, ambient lighting, thick piped-in fog and eerie screams and clicks definitely set the scene, The Last of Us really speaks for itself. It could have been presented in a completely white room, maybe in a swanky hotel, but regardless of setting my experience would have always been the same: fantastic.

Sitting astride a stool with an old oil drum for a table, I set about discovering the journey that Joel and Ellie embark upon as they try to survive in the natural wasteland that’s ravaged the world Joel once knew. With the choice of playing through two separate sections of the game, both with a very different feel to them, I started off in the leafy town – although everywhere is somewhat leafy now – of Lincoln before moving into the grittier city of Pittsburgh.

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ShadyDevil2499d ago

Great preview, this game looks awesome. It simply feels like a must-have for the PS3.

Sandmano2499d ago

Cannot wait for this and I really want to see the MP.