Golden Eye 64: the "Golden Age of Video Games"

CDG: "Ah -- Golden Eye 64. The commanding gem of a game. Its dubious there'll be anything like it. Golden Eye, your conception was ill conceived. However, it was magnimously executed by developer Rare. Had enough of competitive paintball? Golden Eye can help you there. Its paintball mode, specifically. "

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Septic2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

One of the best games of all time. Hearing the music again makes my spine tingle. I'm astonished to this day about how good this game is.

fossilfern2499d ago

Perfect Dark and Golden eye 64 were the peak of Console FPS games if you ask me.

theBAWSE2499d ago

Goldeneye was better than perfect dark in my opinion.. Goldeneye is in the top ten best games of all time

The n64 emulator on android is sick... Playing goldeneye, zelda and banjo kazooie on my note 2 is amazing

LackTrue4K2499d ago

Agree 100%!!! Any links to down load this game to a laptop would be gold!!!

maria1232499d ago

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jcnba282499d ago

Still my favorite multiplayer game of all time.

ifritAlkhemyst2499d ago

lol, who in the hell wrote this. It reads like a 3rd grader just discovered a thesaurus and was eager to use these lofty words despite lacking the grammatical chops to make it work.

You can't use dubious like that.

Max-Zorin2499d ago

And it's also home to one of the last gens where beating the game unlocked the content, not your debit card.

kirbyu2498d ago

I can't wait to get this game. Hope it doesn't disappoint.