The Xbox One Has Its Own Red Ring Of Death

The Xbox One has a potential fatal flaw and Microsoft knows all about it.

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ArchangelMike2507d ago

Exactly. Peeps are saying that they will simply switch it off or turn it around. However Kinect is designed/required to detect gestures. I foresee a scenario where if you obstruct the sensor (block it out in anyway) you get an error message and have to give the sensor a clear view, if not the game/film/browser etc wont work.

I can't wait for Anonymous to hack the kinect 2.0 camera's and post the live vids on Youtube. That would make it all worth it.

fr0sty2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

"There are ways around this issue and Microsoft may address them at E3 but after a statement was madw why wouldn't he address a backup plan immediately to ease gamers minds in case disaster struck the new Kinect."

C'mon, so called "journalists". Edit your damn articles. madw? Ending a question with a period? Seriously?

nix2507d ago

i'm sure one can stick a passport size photo in front.. but damn.. they have that blood pressure scanner too.

i think one should just light a bulb behind the photo and stick it infront of kinect. lol.

Thirty3Three2507d ago

Stop being so negative, Negative.

T22507d ago

I wonder what kinect would do if you put a vid of a family in front of it is it smart or dumb

FragMnTagM2507d ago

Anyone who thinks a picture can fool the Kinect 2 or for that matter the first Kinect, you obviously do not know how they work.

A picture would not work at all because they both send out infrared beams that sense depth. The picture is flat, i.e. it will not register as a human being on either Kinect. Kinect 2 would also detect that there was no heat coming off the picture.

Video would not work either as the screen is flat.

A doll or action figure could possibly work on the Kinect 1, but definitely not the Kinect 2. They are both really good at figuring out what is in front of them which is a bit scary (big brother stuff).

Kevin ButIer2507d ago

"I can't wait for Anonymous to hack the kinect 2.0 camera's and post the live vids on Youtube. That would make it all worth it".

Lol thats creepy...

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stage882507d ago

Exactly this. It will show an error so you will need it facing you all the time.
I don't want someone watching and listening to me in my house all the time.

You can take your spyware elsewhere MS.

Tony-Red-Grave2507d ago

i don't mind being seen fapping while trolling

come at me xD

Jek_Porkins2507d ago

Did you really say you cant wait for Anonymous to hack a gaming device? really? I mean seriously...and you have a ton of agrees. People should be ashamed of themselves, that group is the enemy of all gamer's, you cant just pick and choose because you happen to not like something.

Most of the people complaining, are people who weren't going to buy the next Xbox anyway. I've never seen so much childishness before in my life, don't like it? don't buy it!

kevinsheeks2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

your such a fanboy it's sad plenty have already pointed it out what Microsoft seeks to do is stomp on the rights of consumers everywhere

its not enough to just not buy this we have to openly bash this so people know it's not right

if it take's anon working their magic to show the faults of an always on camera watching you then so be it
also jek shame on you for siding with a corporation who doesn't care anything about you shame on you for being so blind and leading our generation astray shame on you

Freedomland2506d ago


"Don't buy it"
And that's exactly what I' am gonna do.

Imagine you and your girlfriend playing videogames on youtube. Can't wait for domestic bloopers.

Hercules1892506d ago

If you buy a product from microsoft, youre supporting terrorist, thats something you should know by now, these people on n4g are developing the ps4 and they have undercover spys working in microsoft. These people know everything that will happen in 6 more months, you cant really argue with them cause theyre always right.

indysurfn2506d ago

Here is the thing to not miss. Microsoft has been talking about doing this for TWO YEARS! They keep getting told NO, by the consumer. They did it again, trying, and retrying to get it past the revolt to warm us up to the idea of not having full ownership of what we paid for(and not renting). Will we eventually fall for it? I HOPE not.

But if you change your mind because Microsoft once again changed their mind consider this. Remember all those updates we have on the current systems? Ever read them? Terms and conditions can change at ANY given moment WITHOUT NOTICE. Failure to accept the new terms, and conditions, then your system will NOT be updated, and you will not be able to play on your system until you do.

Reguardless, you still can only go to monopoly approved price fixing retailers Like EB!

So say we fall asleep(let our guards down), and millions people have bought the system, and THEN Microsoft does a update, and from now on your trade ins require a fee is paid, either by you are the buyer. Or Microsoft, make the 'periodic' internet checks more frequent. They already got you! Then it will be a MAD RUSH to the retail store to trade in your xbox(one) before it is only worth $25!!!

Don't let companies take pot shots at you without holding it against them permantly. They are doing JUST like they did trying to trick us into going to war in Iraq!

Remember Sony is watching, and they have not totally committed to not having a fee for saling your game, if we let Microsoft have our money for being fools they Sony will have to charge to compete! If you sell yourself out why should you expect Sony to let Microsoft be the only company to gash you for money.

Plus they still require a internet connection to watch tv, or play a game. Are you kidding me, am I the ONLY person that noticed that you will have to have active internet watch cable, or satellite TV!

Right now when my internet goes out my cable tv still works! If I get xbox one when my internet goes out, or modemn I can't watch tv! I think this is a deal that Microsoft STRUCK with the ISP's (just speculation) to get monopoly(ops exclusive) content!

Plus they will have ILLUMINATI sight into your living room!

rainslacker2506d ago

Honestly, the console is much more likely to break than the circuit board and sensors in the Kinect.

I may be hating on MS right now, but Kinect breaking isn't likely to be a massive $1 billion dollar problem for MS. This is just grasping at straws.

kenmid2506d ago

Is the PS4 sensor required on the ps4?

pixelsword2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Just turn it around and put a wind-chime in front of it; that will take care of both the camera and the mic.

titletownrelo2506d ago

that actually sounds fucking creepy, to be honest.

KimiRaikkonen2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

You just reminded me of the one month psn outage.

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FrigidDARKNESS2507d ago

Troll thread thread and article. The title is totally flame bait for fanboys to troll.

Zhipp2506d ago

Indeed. The article's stupidity makes my head hurt, and I won't even get started on the comments. It's like most of the users here are brain dead five year olds.

ApolloTheBoss2507d ago

Why do I get the feeling this is gonna happen a lot? Lol.

chestnut11222507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

If these will ever be true, MS Needs to Donate some of their X BOX one in order to live lol!.

Ashlen2507d ago

My bigger concern for the life and death of the Bone is the non-removable hard drive. It seems highly unlikely it would function after a HD failure.

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