Much ado about gaming: Are you 'M' enough to play?

If you ask a teen what the "M" rating on a game means, he'll tell you: Hide it from Mom and play it with the headphones on. That's the good stuff. If it's not "M" it's probably "Hello Kitty's Cupcake Bunny Picnic Parade 2: Sparkle Love Rainbow Day" or "The Sims: Accountancy Fever." Audit books in real time across a network! Yeah, right.

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CyberSentinel4494d ago

"-- in a World War II game I played recently, you could get shot 10 times and recover by hiding behind a rock until you felt better. Conversation with vets indicates that strategy rarely worked."


decapitator4494d ago

hahaha..Great article. Glad someone posted my tips.