Video games and activism: more harm than good

StickSkills says, "Now–more than ever before, really–we’re seeing games and their creators taken out of the realm of arts and entertainment and thrown into the political arena. Since the days of 'Mortal Kombat,' we’ve heard the pushback from concerned parents and lawmakers about the potential dangers of violence in video games, but until recently, it hadn’t exceeded the decibel level of a dull roar."

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Nocando3473d ago

Ideas are far more dangerous than violence, especially if they come from largely uninformed or willfully ignorant sources.

MikeyDucati13472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

The feminist argument is getting way outta hand. There are plenty of women who are movers and shakers of this world that even the feminist doesn't know about. If they pried their eyes from surreality TV, youtube, and poppy music...they would see that there a plethora of women who are respected and lead individuals to a common goal.

People who argue just to argue are just plain terrible