Xbox One vs. PS4 - You Decide!

Welcome to Versus, a video series where we'll be pitting Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 against each other and then letting you decide who the winner is.

We know you've spent countless hours in comments sections, defending the honor of your favorite platform. Don't by shy, let Microsoft and Sony know what you think. This episode features the Xbox One conference from Microsoft and the PlayStation 4 conference from Sony. We'll be looking at four categories in this episode -- The best reveal, the controller, the name, and which one you like the most. The overall winner is decided by you, but get your vote in asap as voting will close on May 30th with the results being posted on May 31st.

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forum672945d ago

I prefer after 1 year. Both consoles are going to stay minimum 5 years.

Enemy2945d ago

@ nix: Is that real? Holy ****

Brazz2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

Nix!!!! This, this, this.... holy fuck! SONY troll EPIC LEVEL!!!!
I can't give funny bubbles enogh!!!

NukaCola2945d ago

PS4 is day one for me. As I said before, it's not versus, it's about value and so far Xbone holds zero interest to me. I don't like fantasy football, I don't watch cable tv, I don't use skype. I want games and I'm so turned off now that E3 better be phenomenal or else I'm not even gonna give MS the effort.

Boody-Bandit2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

It's not about E3 or waiting a year or two. It's about all the restrictions and fees MS wants us to pay or weed through. So why wait? Wait for what? It's not like any exclusive or gaming announcement will take away those restrictions or fees.

Personally they could far and away have the best exclusives this upcoming generation. I don't care. It's about principal, my hard earned cash and them blatantly ignoring their fan base by bringing out a multimedia device that also plays games instead of a gaming console that can also be used as a multimedia device.

Is this news 4 gamers or news 4 TV goers and social networking. I honestly don't see what MS can do at E3 that would undo what we already know about the X1. Even if, which they never will, announce XBL is now free from here on out. It won't be enough to discount all the hoops they want us to jump through and steps they want us to follow just to use the XBOX ONE.

What I don't get about as this could talk to make better games. Why didn't they instead use that technology to make a stronger multimedia device and use the X1's architecture to it's fullest for gaming instead of vice versa?

I am about 99% sure I wont touch the X1 next generation but I never say never. As it stand right now. E3 is a complete make or break for MS with me personally. I know I sound overly negative but I just don't see what they can possibly announce that would change my mind. If they did. I would be shocked beyond belief. It would literally have to be their BEST E3 PRESENTATION BY ANY COMPANY EVER.

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AngelicIceDiamond2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

Agreed at E3, Then I'll decide.

EDIT: I'm not Ms. Cleo or anything but the PS4 win IGN's little poll

I don't know why IGN even bothered doing this they know, and everyone else knows what the result will be.

wishingW3L2945d ago

it racked tons of hits for Gamespot and now they want to do the same.

Enemy2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

PS4 day one. We know what's coming from the 1st parties. Xbox One day none so far.

Edit: @ negative: Negative.

MysticStrummer2945d ago

@negative - I have yet to see you explain how that is. Maybe I missed your well reasoned post explaining that opinion, and have only seen posts like this one.

chestnut11222945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )


PS1 >>>>> X?
PS2 >>>> X BOX
PS3 > X BOX 360

Ps3, Sony's Least selling console Bested Microsoft's Best selling console :_)

And not to mention Ps4 >>>>> X Bones 1 .

That is Quadruple Kill Dude.
Oh I forgot to mention, PSP and PS Vita >>> X ? 6tple Kill Dude :)

NextGen24Gamer2945d ago

I'm getting both day one! I'm not missing out on any of the next gen experiences...NO way! On another note, I have never liked the playstation game pad! Oh well, I buy both consoles for the exclusives and I play xbox for online gaming. With the use of the xbox cloud & over 300,000 servers...multiplayer games can be 64 to 128 players. That's insane and I'm trully excited! Bring on the new consoles!!!!

ChozenWoan2945d ago

I play MAG and trust me, it's great having that many ppl on the same map... and insane as well. ;)

FlyingFoxy2945d ago

Like you can already have 200 players on San Andreas multiplayer mod.. and the popular servers have that many often, but is nowhere near as restricted as IV.

I hope R* let us have at least 64+player online with V or it will be a poor show like IV.

Shawn-2945d ago

Here are the voting links for PS4 if you don't want to watch.

PS4 Best Conference
PS4 Best Name
PS4 Best Controller
PS4 Best Console for You

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aviator1892945d ago

I'm eventually going to get both consoles anyways, it's just which I'm going to get first that I have to decide over.

On the ps4 side, infamous and knack look really great, and then on the x1 side, I'm a huge fan of forza and remedy's projects. Of course, we'll see more at e3 and that's just under 3 weeks away.

lastofgen2945d ago

I've got enough spare cash to purchase both, so both for me.

SonyNGP2945d ago

Don't tell me what to do.

wishingW3L2945d ago

they are asking you to choose.

chestnut11222945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

PS4 and WII U >>>>>>> X Bone 1. U mad?

theDECAY2945d ago

I mean, I am all for Playstation, but "X Bone 1" doesn't even make sense, man.

chestnut11222945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

I have a lot of random nicknames for X Bots :P Don't Bother with it ;) The fact is that really matters :D

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