We Love Nintendo, But They Would Gladly Kill Your First-Born Son

Gamnesia: Nintendo needs to get their act together. You read that first sentence correctly. Nintendo is having a lot of trouble right now, what with a rough Wii U launch and other competitors announcing shiny new consoles. The Big N is in financial danger, and that fact simply cannot be ignored.

However, that problem is miniscule to the issue concerning the interaction the publisher has with its loyal consumers. We fans give Nintendo our all. We purchase their brand new games. We support them when the going gets rough. We create new things to show our appreciation and love for the company! Nintendo fans love Nintendo.

Unfortunately, it seems like Nintendo doesn't love us back.

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jc485732506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

this is another joke right? it must be! Remember those good old days when little girls and boys innocent. They go on as if nothing happened. Kids are so strong and alive these days.

gamer422505d ago

this is probably a joke article (i did laugh), but why did this get approved? Even if it wasn't a joke, you can't really take it seriously. I mean mariotroid? the hero of hyrule is zelda? starfox in dreamland?


Haha thats a pretty good way to advertise the game

jcnba282505d ago

I stopped reading at "The Big N is in financial danger" lol

deafdani2505d ago

Read the article, it's satire.

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