PlayStation 3 Now "Most Advanced" Blu-ray Player

Here's another reason you want to be especially wary of unsourced chatter on the Internet. First, you may have encountered certain persons (PR plants in disguise? Is that too paranoid?) claiming HD DVD wasn't going anywhere in the wake of the format's early 2008 studio sponsorship meltdown. Of course it now seems that even the people suggesting HD DVD was in serious trouble may have been too conservative, given that the entire edifice effectively collapsed overnight.

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sonarus4875d ago

Playstation 3 is the most advanced blu ray player and video game. Built in hard drive, cell processor, blu ray disk medium. Everything in the ps3 is just packed to the brim with technology.
-The bluetooth tech which allows you to use WIRELESS headsets, the blue tooth controllers which have better wireless signals than whatever the 360 uses (i forget what it is but it is essentially the standard for what everyone uses)
-The touch panel thing to turn the game on and off and eject cd's so you aren't pushing anything just touching.
-The inbuilt wireless

Everything about the ps3 is new technology. Very new technology. That was what personally impressed me about the ps3. Unfortunately though when you turn it on and see the boring xmb interface compared to xbox live its like what the hell was all the tech for if you weren't going to use it. The ability to create your own themes has been a huge improvement

Lifendz4875d ago

When I went to pop in Resistance Fall of Man and the system snatched the game. That was so cool.

sonarus4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

yea mehn. like who needs to push a button to open up a disk tray. The tech in ps3 is far above anything on any console. Their software on the other hand(not talking about games) as in what the hardware runs on i.e. xmb could use a LOT of work. But the tech in that console is flawless. Remember it took me like 10mins to figure out how to turn the game on. Remember bought it same time as one of my friends who lived in a diff state and he called me up to figure out how to turn it on too. No one saw the touch panel thing coming

Rice4875d ago

oh man i love that feature...No offense to people who own 360's but wat if u step on the tray while its open...ive always thought of that..cuz with my ps2 i was scared to open my tray and my sister stepping on it...

decapitator4875d ago

So that BD update will hit the PS3 next week in a form of a firmware correct ?

resistance1004875d ago

Yep, however it may not hit next week for sure, but will hit in the near future that is for sure

Partisan4875d ago

PS3 is all about new tech, while some company stil use the old tech stil got unreliable

DreDawgg064875d ago

umm just so you guys don't go uninformed, the xbox 360 wireless is actually much more stable and never disconnects unless its low on battery which lasts the longest.

Its the PS3 that drops its connection, Im not sure if its fixed but don't just say fanboy comments without giving credit where its due.

I do applaud the ps3 to have the balls to put together a high-tech future proof system knowing its going to lose tons of money but the brilliance of it is, all the tech is future proof. Its tech that is all common now-a-day which is going to make it less in price. Even more so because they are mass producing all of this.

The only thing is Ps3 which is a 10 year plan, and is completely capable of doing so will be greatly outpaced by future consoles, ex:Xbox 720 or the Wii2 which could have specs closer to the xbox with a built in camera to detect everything the Wii remote does.

We will see how the console war plays out, I think everyone should just be happy to be alive in this day an age because it sure as hell beats the Atari days, even tho the gameplay in the SNES days were prob better ;p, As to steal the quote from whoever it was, Be a gamer not a hater :)

sonarus4875d ago

what are you talking about my controller doesn't disconect and the signal EASILY goes thru walls. The only time it disconnects is if it the game freezes and i turn the game off manually which results in a system reset which also resets the controller. I don't know about others who have their controllers disconneting but i run a blue tooth headset, a blue tooth blu ray remote and 2 blue tooth sixaxis controllers and it doesn't just disconnect so where are your claims of stability coming from. I never said the 360 controller wasn't stable all i said is it is old tech compared to blue tooth in the controller. What i do know is blue tooth tech has farther reach that the signal the 360 controller and wireless headset use.

Whoooop4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

Don't know what you're talking about there buddy...

PS3 controller works flawlessly. PS3 owner since february 2007 and my sinsaxis has never been disconnected.

I can even play a whole game (The SHOW for example) on low bat. and it won't disconnect.

mindedone4875d ago

Can someone cite where it was said that the the bluray DRIVE was incompatible with Bluray 2.0, as the author impies?

Also, since when is BC a simple firmware upgrade like the author explicitly states?

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