New Warhawk map "unscrambled"

"Finally, a screenshot of "Operation Broken Mirror" was revealed -- only problem is that it's all jumbled up like a puzzle. Luckily some quick witted readers managed to unscramble the image and gave us the first look of the new level and vehicle."

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killer_trap3866d ago

i'm addicted to this game but the last map was downloaded by so few players i hardly find someone playing in it.

i do hope this game picks up more steam it's a great game Especially when it lets you and 4 of your buddies play on-line. i wish more games gave me that option.

Gish3866d ago

I swear, you barely ever see any teams using the dropship effectively. Its too bad.

killer_trap3866d ago

the only team up i saw is when they actually drop a drop ship down. wow, they really hate those things don't they?

rexor07173866d ago

Have something where you just pay like 10 dollars once, then you are entitled to all the DLC. That would be cool. Im hyped about this map, not snowbound!

yesah3866d ago

oh that would be awsome.

Blademask3866d ago

I feel like with every update the warhawks get weaker and weaker comparatively. Letting someone in the back shoot would be perfect.

Doctor Strange3866d ago

That was the idea behind the dropship, with people manning it that thing is dangerous.

I hope the new map isn't quite as big as omega dawn, it was just a bit to big on its full size.

killer_trap3866d ago

i find the dropship missiles really easy to avoid. i feel their only purpose is just to keep you away from the dropship. but they aren't any good at blowing anything up.

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The story is too old to be commented.