Xbox 360 sales below 350 units in Japan

Sales for Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox 360 hardware totaled below 350 units in new sales data from Japan.

Media Create Co. this month reported that the Xbox 360 sold 349 units between May 13 to May 19 to rank No. 7 in overall sales.

By comparison, the hardware sold 485 units the week prior.

Microsoft in Apr. said the Entertainment and Devices division generated $2.53 billion in the third quarter, a 56 percent increase from 2012.

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BadboyCivic3476d ago

Old news, 360 died in Japan years ago

blitz06233476d ago

How can it die when it never lived?

dale_denton3476d ago

xbox is the payless of game consoles there

LackTrue4K3475d ago

They keep the cardboard boxes for organize shoes....

Prcko3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

Huh,Japan is not right place for x360

NukaCola3475d ago

I know right. MS will do better this gen as we all know Japan cant get enough fantasy football and halo.

FrigidDARKNESS3476d ago

This is why MS should exit Japan and quit wasting money there its not worth it.
They could use that money and invest it in other projects and markets.
I dont expect any huge sales for any console the country is in a 3 digit recession and the japanese economy is shrinking.

dark-kyon3476d ago

right put that money in more timed exclusive dlc,kinect games,halo spinoff,etc.

Sharius3476d ago

i wonder, which number below ONE?

sway_z3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

I'm a PS gamer, Microsoft are seen as uncool in Japan, every one knows Xbox does not do well in that territory...even Elvis Presley, Tupac, Biggie and Brucey Lee knows Xbox sucks in Japan....old old news....pffft!

**If MS swallowed some pride and 'LICENSED' Xbox to Panasonic, JVC or even Korean owned Samsung...they could have a logo 'Powered by Xbox Live Japan' and make the X1 smaller, more curvy, then maybe, just maybe, Xbox can find a place in the Japanese market place.

Apple products are very very popular in Japan, so the 'American' product excuses are redundant

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The story is too old to be commented.