‘Core Gaming’ is dead

Accessibility. A word that usually has positive connotations in life has recently become a noun that strikes fear at the hearts of those discerning gamers who have had no choice but to find themselves relegated to the sidelines, observing their favourite genres and even franchises become diluted in order to cater for the mass market. Is this accessibility really a curse or a blessing and if it is the former, who is to blame for this new trend? Console gamers? Developers? We find out and look to see who the real culprits are behind this trend.

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NameRemoved00172499d ago

Core gaming is still alive and doing very well on PC.

Retroman2499d ago

is it REALLY dying??? lets see at E3 until then speculation.

personally i would love to see some good ol side scrolling games re-appear on ps4....

Septic2499d ago

Guys, please read the article first. This isn't your regular flamebait title talking about the Xbox One or Kinect etc.

It talks about elements within games themselves these days that dumb down experiences to cater for the mass market, gaming difficulties etc. It discusses a very specific type of core gaming.

yugovega2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

Mario is core gaming and for game with an 80% attach rate i'd say core is far from dead. doom and gloom articles is what should be dead. obviously if you write about games you should have some enjoyment from them but it seems lately all journalists are about hits and not substance.

edit @tenkin
I would say that's true but batman is a core game and so far hasn't had multiplayer. zombiu is core and single player. darksider 2? i'm thinking that most people have just moved on from "core" gaming and into multiplayer because it's a lot easier to have quick bursts of fun without having to invest a lot of thinking into it.

Tenkin2499d ago

Mario has always been entry level and always did well, some core games are still popular like starcraft or dark souls for their multiplayer modes but core single player games are more or less dead

BillytheBarbarian2499d ago

Multiplayer addictiveness to one favorite series
kills chances for gamers to try new franchises.
Call of Duty is in machines almost nonstop until another
call of duty comes out. (I'm the same except
my addiction is Gears 3.).

Now watch instead of online passes they'll
have their own multiplayer subscriptions to
make more money because they know die hard
will pay. Phantasy Star Universe style.

yugovega2499d ago

if phantasy star u was as good as pso it'd be worth the money though. cod? that's a different story. it's barely worth the $60 it is now. much less an online pass.

BillytheBarbarian2499d ago

I agree. Personally I think cod sucks. But multiplayer in games make people play a lot longer so games like dmc, tomb raider, ninja gaiden, etc...don't get the attention they used to.

Tyre2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

How is it supposed to be dead? We are still here and we never if MS or some douchebag journalist say core gaming is dead and kinect is so hip and cool now, we all die instantly and become casual. Never. People are so delusional, if a big company tries to determine the taste and will of people we all should follow like sheep? We determine if core is dead or not. Do not buy into this brainwash pratice people. Forget about these sheeple. Plz Microsoft leave the gaming realm. We're already over you.

Septic2499d ago

Read the article. It talks about a very specific type of core gaming. It's not really that related to MS and Kinect. It talks about the nature of the games themselves; such as removal of key features from games or constant hand-holding in certain games.

TheFirstClassic2499d ago

Just look at the changes in games today from their predecessors. Look at the newer splinter cell and ghost recon games, then compare them to the ones from last gen. A lot of depth has been lost. Compare crysis 2 and 3 to the original, compare dead space 3 to 1 and 2, compare skyrim to morrowind, and there are many more examples. Games are so hand holdy nowadays. People complain that older games feel clunky, but man they were so much more rewarding.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )


Also nintendo gamers buy nintendo games.