Xbox One And PlayStation 4: On The Matter Of Shared And Used Games

Mobile & Apps: "At the end of the day, both the Microsoft Xbox One and the Sony PlayStation 4 will restrict how gamers go about sharing and selling used games. You can either accept this change, switch to the Nintendo Wii U, or exit the gaming scene altogether, the choice is yours."

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ApolloTheBoss2500d ago

I'm guessing some of you remember the last console that tried to be an all-in-one entertainment system. It was called the Phillips-CDi. If you've never heard of it, google it and watch history repeat itself.

Software_Lover2500d ago

.............. comparing That so called "console" to the likes of Sony, Microsoft is kind of pushing it dont you think? Besides, the last console to be an all in one entertainment center was the ps3.

Worked out well I think.

ApolloTheBoss2500d ago

Yes, because the primary focus of the PS3 was games, not TV.

Muerte24942500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

on games with the ps3 and added other features later on. They added Nanse/Torne

Pretty much ahcieves what Microsoft is trying to do now without the actual requirement of your DVR.

I don't know why people are thinking Sony is going to follow Microsoft when Nintendo didn't. If Sony does this, which i highly doubt, then Nintendo will rise again. But like I said I doubt it given the extremely strong backlash this is having with Microsoft.

fr0sty2500d ago

This article makes some bold assumptions considering Sony has not said how they plan on handling used games other than "PS4 will play used games.".

SDF Repellent2500d ago

From the article
"Remember folks, EA dropped its online pass policy for future games; the only reason the company would do that is if there is a new alternative. This new alternative would have to be supported on both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. We have a general idea of what Microsoft is up to, and it is now up to Sony to come clean."

Gosh, I hope this is not he case. EA might just be the key to all these rumors going around regarding used games.

fr0sty2500d ago

Sony has already specified that they will leave it up to the publisher to implement their own DRM mechanisms. EA obviously has chosen to either respond to consumer backlash or to implement their DRM/online pass systems on these consoles.

I don't mind that, as it is up to me to decide if I wish to support that type of publisher by buying their game or not. what I do mind is when my console itself actually forces that DRM on me no matter which game I am playing.

rainslacker2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

All three systems are pretty much all-in-one systems nowadays. They just differ somewhat on features. Realistically the only thing I see added to the X1 is the ability to control your TV. The rest of that stuff is already there.

Skype you may is an app, but current systems have chat systems. Skype is just a different way to do it.

NFL...that's media content, not a media function.

Kinect control: Already there. Again, only thing added is the TV stuff(not sure about voice control).

I may be missing a few things because I don't care about this stuff in general on a game console, but PS3, PS4, X1, 360, and Wii U are all all-in-one entertainment systems in their own way. MS saying all-in-one just means it's their vision of what is important. For instance, I may argue that it doesn't have built in DVR...hence not all in one.:)

Vames2500d ago

For those who are looking at the PS4 to save the used game market, I believe you all are in for a rude awakening. I'd like to see how everyone will react when all things come to light.

I expect some to blame publishers for Sony's decision, some to say it doesn't change their view and they will still get a PS4, and others to blame Microsoft.

Watching this scenario play out should be fun.

grassyknoll2500d ago

I don't think Sony will use draconian DRM, because they already had the opportunity to use it on the Vita (piracy damaged the PSP more than any other system, bar the Dreamcast). I personally think they'll stick to the online pass system.

Vames2500d ago

Online pass? EA killed its online pass thing. The company wouldn't do it if there wasn't an alternative on both consoles.

Information Minister2500d ago

Sadly, I suspect Vames is absolutely correct. They will probably leave it up to each publisher instead of enforcing a unified policy for all games.

If I have to deal with HDD installs on all games and online DRM, I'll stick with the PC... After over 20 years of console gaming. Excessive control and nickel and dimming of gamers will bring about the end of core gaming.

Dee_912500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

You expect some to blame publishers for Sony;s decision? I think they will blame publishers because Sony said its publishers decision..Its MS fault that they made it seem as if they welcomed this with open arms... I would like to see the reactions too..
Either way I would rather pay for a used game to play it than pay for used a game then pay for live to play it.

grassyknoll2500d ago

EA maybe able to play hard ball with Nintendo (only a few percent of their revenue comes from their systems, think it was 2/3%), but the Playstation 3 makes them a significant amount of revenue. There's no way EA would risk not selling millions of copies of Battlefield/FIFA on PS4, especially in mainland Europe & the UK (popular Playstation territories).

Vames2500d ago

That is true, but EA can simply just not make certain content available for PS4 gamers. PS4 gamers in the UK are already at risk with FIFA 14, because Ultimate Team is exclusive to the Xbox One.

You might say this is no big deal, but FIFA games are one of the most popular and most played video games in the UK, Ultimate Team DLC is just as popular.

grassyknoll2500d ago

It's not Ultimate Team mode, just Ultimate Team content. Most likely a few skins. As I said I'm just optimistic (especially as Playstation is a worldwide brand, catering to countries with extremely poor internet access). Hopefully Sony will just say it's DRM free & we'll all be happy.

Vames2500d ago

You are correct in regards to Ultimate Team, thanks for the heads up.

Darrius Cole2500d ago


3rd paragraph, 2nd sentence. Quote Michael Denny, Senior VP of Sony Worldwide studios.

"Even taking back a step from here, PlayStation 4 can still be enjoyed old school without an Internet connection at all."

If there is no internet connection, how is Sony going to know whether my game is used or not? The answer is "they are not going to know" which means that it can not matter. It's going to work either way.

This entire "Sony is going to do it too" argument is because people can't believe what Microsoft is doing. I don't that as a figure of speech, I mean that people really can not believe that Microsoft is actually going to do it. Therefore they are looking for ways to explain it. It is so much easier to believe MS is doing it with the XBone, if Sony is going to do it as well with the PS4. But there is no evidence that Sony is going to do it.

Microsoft is going out on the island by themselves. They know that if they can get 50 - 70 million games to fall into the Xbox One trap that those people will end up buying all of their games from Microsoft over the "soon to be announced" Xbox Live video game trading store. They'll make more money as a game retailer than they will from the licensing fees that they charge publishers now.

The only threat to this is if nobody buys it and it sells like the Wii-U. If that happens the publishers will jump ship and the second Xbox 1 will spiral down into nothingness, also referred to as oblivion.

So far it looks like the hard core are jumping ship and the only ones who are not jumping ship are expecting Sony to come in and save Microsoft by banning used games themselves. Right now I would put my money on the new Xbox 1 spiraling down to Oblivion. Either that or Microsoft will blink and say that they will allow used games to be played without fees or restrictions, but I don't think that is likely. I also don't think it is likely that Sony will come in and save them.

Right now Sony is looking at a 10 - 15 million unit first year advantage even if the systems release at about the same time and at the same price. Even if Sony was planning on block used games, they would probably back out of those arrangements now, and take the 15 million advantage. Right now, the Xbox One is on track for GameCube numbers if its lucky.

iistuii2500d ago

ok, lets say your right. Then I agree the Xbox would be doomed. However, how much do you think say EA loses on a used game market ? id say millions. A used game store can re sell the same game over & over & EA gets nothing but the first sell. So I cant see EA all of a sudden discard their online pass for nothing. I think they did that because they know whats coming. But we will soon see.

GameSpawn2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )


I'm not going to ignore the fact that publishers lose significant amounts of money to used game sales. GameStop and the likes' commercialization of used games resales has been a major blow to not just EA's revenue, but all publishers.

BUT, this is the big thing, EA's losses are not just because of used games. Yeah, there's a loss, but it is not that big in comparison. EA's losses are mostly due to the RIDICULOUS amount that their games get pirated due to their own draconian DRM. Seriously, go and look at how many EA PC games there are on torrent lists and how much they are being downloaded. EA just doesn't want to admit that the losses are due to backlash from their implementation of DRM; it's easier to lay the blame on used game resales. They only blame piracy so they can legitimize putting in ridiculously over-controlling DRM. It's a vicious cycle of EA BS.

Anyway, if...IF DRM is not the cause and used game resale is really a problem for EA, here is a proposition EA...Stop keeping the prices for your games at ~$59 for so damn long. Seriously EA's PC games at retail hardly drop at all and console games take forever to drop, usually only once the game has become irrelevant because the next iteration of the game series has come out will prices start dropping in large amounts.

rainslacker2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Sony does have a patent for just that sort of thing in the RF chip. However they have gone on record saying it's not for the PS4. I'm curious how they're going to leave blocking up to the publisher if that is their intent. It's possible the publisher can require online which case it better be CLEARLY marked on the box.

iistuii2500d ago

Hooray. Someone else with a brain. Do they honestly think the likes of EA will say You need a pass to play our games used, but only on the Xbox one ?
Sony said they will not block used games, guess what, nor will Microsoft, but you will need some sort of pass to play them.

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DivineAssault 2500d ago

So what? What if sony charges for different account uses on games? Its not any different than what MS is doing & will be something we all just have to deal with.. I can handle 1 negative thing at a time but a whole bunch of restrictions at once is what pisses me off..

We will see what sony does regarding the issue but i know they arent forcing you to check in online.. Ill be upset if they force the PS4 eye to be connected at all times & force full game installs to eat up HDD space.. I highly doubt theyd do that tho

MysticStrummer2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

"Maybe the silence is to get Microsoft to come and say it first, which could make things easier on Sony and potentially take it out of the line of fire."

Exactly. They waited to see what MS's plan was and how people reacted to it. Smart business.

"Or, the company might be planning to come and say that this used games thing would be up to publishers, but what's the point in saying that? Once there's a used games policy that benefits developers, all publishers will end up using it anyway."

Still the smarter way to go. They show support to the publishers by giving them the option, but in the end it's not up to Sony if the publishers use it. People will blame EA, for example, more than they will Sony.

Darrius Cole2500d ago

The only reasonable way to police this is with an internet connection which the XBone will require and the PS4 will not. Pure and Simple.

Not all publishers would use the option even it was present. That is because if they chose to use it, then their game would be at a disadvantage to games that did not. Therefore, they will voluntarily decide not to use a system that would ban the re-sale.

ACESupERIC2500d ago

I have a feeling I'm going to miss gaming because I won't be buying any console that I can't play used or borrowed games on. At least pc games are comparable to used game prices. Especially the sales on steam. I've had every major console since atari 2600 and If these rumors have any truth to them then the last generation is just that for me. Damn. I'm gonna need to upgrade my pc.

iistuii2500d ago

Agree, mines already upgraded. Steam sales FTW.

madpuppy2500d ago

what kinda cool is if you really miss that console feel, you can hook up your PC to your big screen and run steam in big picture mode. with support for ps3 and xbox controllers if that is your thing.

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