Xbox One Store is coming - trade in digital games, rentals, and more speculated

After lots of misinformation, tidbits of info and Major Nelson now stating that the Xbox One is "designed" with trade and resale in mind, it's perhaps building a picture of the future of the video game market.

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Ashlen2507d ago

Xbox One is "designed" with trade and resale in mind.

Absolutely true, they designed it to limit and/or raise the cost of used games.

saladthieves2507d ago

Here's what Major Nelson stated regarding the whole trade in of games:

"The ability to trade in and resell games is important to gamers and to Xbox. Xbox One is designed to support the trade in and resale of games. Reports about our policies for trade in and resale are inaccurate and incomplete. We will disclose more information in the near future."

Few things give me a feeling that there will be some sort of used game blocking/control policy. Particularly the sentence "Xbox One is designed to support the trade in and resale of games".

To me it sounds like they (Microsoft) are looking for a way to control and restrict not the trade in/reselling of games, but of the use/playing of used games on the Xbone. They can't physically restrain you from lending your game disc to a friend, but they can stop him from trying to play it on his Xbone.

If my thinking is wrong (I surely hope I am) then they would have cleared this whole confusion up by now. Instead, Major Nelson could've simply answered "Hey! Nothing's changed. You can use your purchased used copy with no issues"

xPhearR3dx2507d ago

Well think about. Once you install a game on 360, you NEED the disc to play. On Xbox One, you don't. Which is convenient, ask any PC user with a Steam account. So to prevent piracy, they have to take counter measures.

However, MS left everyone with a very bad and vague explanation. Until, E3 comes and they explain more, everything is speculation.

ApolloTheBoss2507d ago

Yeah, no. I decide where I sell my games. NOT you, M$.

MariaHelFutura2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Exactly. We're talking about our rights here. Although trading in digital copies sounds cool, but it also sounds unrealistic (why would they want it back?).

NegativeCreepWA2507d ago

You can do the same with books on a kindle.

MariaHelFutura2507d ago

But why would they want it back? I don't understand.

NegativeCreepWA2507d ago

Funny how people disagree with a fact.

In the case of the Kindle, Amazon buys the rights to only so many books. As strange as it sounds sometimes digital books actually sell out and you have to purchase a used digital copy. Makes no sense, but that's the way it is.

Darrius Cole2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Not if you buy your games on the new Xbox One you don't. Microsoft decides who you can and who you can not sell your games to...if you buy the new Xbox One, that is. Microsoft decides when you will and when you will not put it online. Microsoft decides when you Kinect will and when it will not watch what you are doing, and when it will and when it will not listen to you. If you didn't know, it's always listening, always watching, like the Great Eye of Sauron.

Who are we to decide what to do with our own stuff that we bought with our own money. Who are we to tell our machines that we don't want to be watched.

Those are the reasons that I would not buy one. As someone pointed out to me, as it is right now I would not accept one free as a gift.


I have been saying that Microsoft is going to come out with some sort of Xbox Live store/program ever since the day of the reveal and we learned that they were going to charge a fee that was full price to unblock used games.

SDF Repellent2507d ago

I like that Forza 5 boxart. Looks sleek and fantastic.

fr0sty2507d ago

I like that cloud that is passing by in the sky right now, but because it didn't have anything to do with this post I didn't bother commenting about it on here. You should consider the same.

2507d ago
fr0sty2507d ago

By that logic I could have said that cloud passing by that I liked was also relevant due to Microsoft's focus on cloud gaming lately.

It's an off topic comment, that's all i'm pointing out. It does nothing to further the conversation about the Xbox One Store, it's used game situation, etc.

thechosenone2507d ago

come on guys disagreeing with him cause he like the box art? :/

Darrius Cole2507d ago

Give him a break, guys. This past week must have been really, really, hard for SDF Repellent. After being so thoroughly betrayed by Microsoft and practically forced by them to decide to go with the PS4 next gen, he needs some time to adjust, I would guess.

Blank2506d ago

This comment cracked me up i know exactly why you said it but at the sametime you make it sound like a creature hahaha!

JasonBloodbourne2507d ago

Are the disc based games going to be cheaper? They should be! But you can bet they'll cost £50-60 a game like the 360 games cost when that launched

strigoi8142507d ago

Trading in digital downloaded they are being gamestop??

lastofgen2507d ago

except....Microsoft is aiming on reimbursing publishers for, that's what gamestop doesn't do.

iistuii2507d ago

That's right. Why should a game store re sell a game over & over & the makers gets nothing. The store rips off the kids giving them a shit trade in & re sells it for a killing. Im not saying for one second that Microsoft would give a better trade in price, but the devs will get a cut, that's why the EA pass stopped, they know whats coming.

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