If you do cosplay – do it like this

Geimaku: "Some of you probably know Spiral Cats – the Seoul-based cosplay group. What you probably didn’t know is that the group is made up of Tasha, 27, Ren, 26, Tomia, 24, and Miyuko, 21, and that they cosplay anime and manga, as well as game characters. Tasha, who has been cosplaying since 1999, is their leader. She represented South Korea at the World Cosplay Summit 2011, along with the group’s photographer, Sinme, and attended AFA Malaysia 2012 as a celebrity cosplayer. Yeah, they exist.

Spiral Cats’ portfolio is nothing short of spectacular! Seriously – their work is amazing. That’s why we’ve decided to compile a “best of” collection for you to look at. You won’t be disappointed."

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DCfan2501d ago

We need a Mai Shiranui cosplay...

Bimkoblerutso2501d ago

Not really familiar with Monarch, but the Blizzard ones are top notch.

Kerrigan especially, spot on.

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