The Standard Sales Techniques Of Gaming Conferences Are Growing Increasingly Weird

A quick look at how recent game conferences have used increasingly stranger forms of short film and over enthusiastic sales people to sell their products.
Both of these have become the norms of a successful conference, but remain quite weird to me.

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level 3602499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

I suppose we should all blame recently departed Steve Jobs and his entire PR armada at Apple for this sudden downpour of one-upmanship in sales pitch.

Then, it was an event.. almost cultish by way of proceedings and the flocks' response.

mariomaniac2499d ago

In a way I slightly look forward to how ridiculous sales techniques will get into the future. I fear that one day the ridiculous and oddly surreal Konami E3 convention in 2010, with its Mexican wrestlers and bad comedy sketches, will one day be normal at any publicity event.

I wait forward to the PS5 announcement where all of the managerial staff in an attempt to appear cool and hip all come out onto the stage, each one wearing a jacket with jeans, formal/casual style, and take part in a series of gruelling physical tests, including a knife fight to the death just to entertain the crowd in the absence of any game demos. At which point when the winner has slain his enemy, all the screens around the room, on the ceiling and the walls and the floor, all start buzzing with hypnotic static, that makes the audience suddenly to have the strange desire to buy only sony products for the rest of their lives.

nukeitall2498d ago

Oh, man I had forgotten how bad the Konami presenttion was. You can really see the creative juices flowing there.

tweet752498d ago

the gaming industry seems to be having an identity crisis

Chapkatsu2498d ago

I still don't understand why all these reveals weren't just done at E3, surely that is the ultimate one-up fest.