Feb. Software NPDs: Can Call of Duty 4 Be Stopped?

For the fourth month in a row, Call of Duty 4 on Xbox 360 has reigned supreme atop the sales charts once again. A mere thousand units sold separated it from the number two game, Devil May Cry 4 (also on 360). Wii Play has been a mainstay since it was released, it would seem, and it comes in at number three. The Wii and PS2 versions of Guitar Hero III also managed to stay in the top ten, leading Rock Band on 360 which came in at number ten.

Despite another month of strong sales for the PlayStation 3 (superior to the 360 for the second month in a row) only a single game, Devil May Cry 4, was in the top ten. Are people still not buying Ratchet and Uncharted, or are people simply buying the PS3 to use as a Blu-ray player?

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decapitator4498d ago

COD4 will continue selling for a very long time I presume. Even after GTAIV, Ninja Gaiden 2, MGS4 arrives, it will continue selling on the both the PS3 and 360.

Thats the reward you get for making a decent game.

ooop4497d ago

Are you dense? COD 4 outseolling GTA IV? Are you high?

decapitator4497d ago

We will see when the game launches.

mindedone4497d ago

They are still far behind installed base in comparison to the xbox360. The author apparently thinks that only people who recently buy consoles buy video games, and that once we have the consoles we just sit on them.

chaosatom3334497d ago (Edited 4497d ago )

yeah sadly ps3 is not looked at as a FPS console for the public. Also, there might have been a halo effect. People on halo must have told other people, how good is COD4 is compared to Halo, so people jumped on COD4.

One question - Are these just US numbers?

Wile4497d ago

mindeone you couldn't be more right!

Soren the Cat4497d ago

Good point.

Also, by the way, I finally beat Ratchet and I enjoyed it a bit more than Mario Galaxy.

Massacre4497d ago

Well, nothing can stop COD4 but, PS3 version will not catch the 360 version ever, unless Microsoft discontinues the 360.

With MGS4, GTS5 and GTAIV launching, most PS3 owners will be all about MGS4.

mikeslemonade4497d ago (Edited 4497d ago )

Well what other FPS besides UT3 and Frontlines does 360 have in 2008. PS3 owners will be buying Haze, Resistance 2, and Killzone 2. We don't have to play an old game that frankly I got bored in one month.

skynidas4497d ago

Of course can stop it, MGS4, GTAIV and GT5:P

decapitator4497d ago

MGS4 and GT5P will be real big in Yuroland.

Bladestar4497d ago

lol... right... kind of hard to see how those games you mention can stop COD4.... they are targetted to a completely different demographic... How do you get a FPS fan to drop COD4 and buy uhhhh a racing game...

Now, I am not saying those games will not sell a ton of copies... but they are just not in the same category as COD4 to stop anything...
Besides for the most part, anyone interested in those hardcore games you mentioned... probably already contribute to the success of COD4 by already owning a Copy.... you yourself probably already own COD4.

TheExecutive4497d ago

GTA will put a huge dent in anything that is within 2 months of it. it will be massive.

Blademask4497d ago

of the world.

THe 360 is getting embarrassed all around the world which is also part of the game industry. If there was a competition between Sony America, and Microsoft America, then an article like this would make sense to write.

Unfortunately we are in a global economy, and the other regions of the world do contribute to the industry.

An American Product barely holding on to its lead with a "600 dollar bluray player" isn't anything to be proud of. Despite of what MS keeps pretending to be about, Yes it sells more games in America. But then everyone forgets that the 360 has double the audience here, seeing as how most 360's were sold in america, and yet the PS3 is still close on its heels in america, and way ahead every where else.

With the PS3 outselling the 360 on two fronts, both for multi media, and for gaming, it will take a few more months for people to see that there is no WII sized shortage for the 360. THat MS is panicking and upset that their early entry into gaming won them the same audience who bought the first xbox.

The only thing the 360 has going for itself right now, is XBL. Its death sentence is HOME+XMB updates, but much like a lucky convict. It keeps getting spared due to Sony not knowing what they are doing this generation. They have been too busy making the PS3 a perfect bluray player to bother about games.

Both systems are trying to be sold as capable living room media centers, dont try to pretend the 360 is solely for gaming with all of the XBL movie/tv features. The ball for the 360's success isn't in Microsofts hands right now, its in Sony's.

shaggyjb4497d ago

I couldn't disagree more. Software sales determine a console's success (that is why consoles sell at a loss, to make $$$ on the games). The 360 is dominating software sales at this point. How is it getting embarrassed? When the PS3 overtakes the 360 in software sales, then you might start to have a foothold for an argument.

Lack of in-game XMB and and an inferior multiplayer experience hurt the PS3 at this point. Sony can fix these things, and I hope they do ASAP.

Bladestar4497d ago

lol... "Unfortunately we are in a global economy, and the other regions of the world do contribute to the industry."... is not?

Well.. to many people it is... for example, for people that live in the US and support the xbox 360... the fact that the xbox 360 is not doing well in Japan is irrelevant... the fact that the Zune is not sold in Europe does not mean the Zune does not exists... the fact that some cars are not shipped to some regions in the world it does not means that product is dead...

Don't believe everything you heard about Global economy... a product does not have to sells well in every region to be succesful...

If burger do not sell well in a country where they worship cows it does not means the burger is a failure...

Name another single region that sells more consoles and games than the US... it does not matter how you spin it... the US is the single biggest region in the industry.... it also represents 50-60% of the game industry... Period.

Any company would rather to ship their product to one region than to ship the same amount to 100 regions... it cost less, laws are the same, restrictions.. and even languages....

So, the US may not be the only important region in the game industry... but it's the MOST IMPORTANT REGION simply because it sells more.... and you can try proving me wrong my naming another single (one) region that sells more consoles and games than the US...

Why do you think Sony wants the US so bad?
Cut the US from any of the consoles and their installbase would be cut by 50-60%.

How many companies release their product only in the US and survive?

"and yet the PS3 is still close on its heels in america, and way ahead every where else. " uhhh no they not.

Do you know how long it would take the PS3 to catchup on the xbox 360 installbase in america? in the UK too? Canada too?

The xbox 360 still hold 2X the PS3 installbase in the world...

fredy4497d ago

spoken like a true fanboy...

software sales is whats having a lot of new devs jump on the xbox 360.

cod4 doesn't need to be stopped, its a great game.

xfrgtr4497d ago (Edited 4497d ago )

LOL.Because the xbox 360 is a disaster in Japan and the rest of the world.THAT'S WHY YOU SAY THAT ONLY THE US MATTERS.Why do you think Microsoft want Japan SO SO SO BAD?And why do you think Microsoft want Europe SO SO SO BAD?I heard of a XBOX 360 price drop in UK????Look at how much Microsoft invested in JAPAN,why is that??????

cmrbe4497d ago

without HW sales you don't have Software sales. Look at what happened to the format war as a clue

shaggyjb4497d ago

I agree that consoles sales are important. Those sales should result in software sales. The PS3 must increase its software sales this year tremendously to attract more developers to concentrate on its platform and not port from the 360 version. The PS3 console sales are headed in the right direction. The next trend that the PS3 must start meeting is the software sales. If it does not (which that turnaround has yet to materialize), then that will be a huge problem.

As far as multiplayer oriented games go, the 360 has the upper hand. I cannot see how the 360 will ever be "embarrassed" as its software sales are stellar and will likely continue to be. People need to realize that the install base is too large and software sales are too good for the 360 to ever be insignificant compared to the PS3. The two consoles simply have different strengths and neither will "lose".

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